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The top Placentia business locksmith, Dick’s Lock and Safe, have been serving three generations since 1964, offering  full range of commercial locksmith services.

The city of Placentia is located in the Northern Orange County, California and is known to have quiet neighborhoods.  You will find the George Key Ranch Historic District when in Placentia.


Dick’s Lock and Safe is well-known in the community to provide the best quality products and services with the most competitive prices and a team of experts in locksmith.   

They also provide free estimates and discounts are extended for interested military and seniors.


As the top Placentia business locksmith, our services include repair, replacement and installment of keyless systems, doors, locks. We also offer re-keying and master key lock systems, panic bars/ emergency exit locks repair and replacement.

We also provide additional services including installation, repairs and replacements of aluminum storefront doors, bolt down services, safes, file cabinets, welding, electronic entry and security systems and more.


Businesses that available of Dick’s Lock and Safe services are as follows:

  • college campuses

  • schools

  • hospitals

  • churches

  • mosques

  • temples

  • medical clinics

  • medical centers

  • medical offices

  • manufacturing facilities

  • office buildings

  • industrial complexes

  • self storage facilities

  • retail stores

  • shopping malls

  • warehouses

  • hotels, etc.

Shopping Center Access Control System


A shopping center consists of restaurants, food courts, banks, theaters, offices and almost any type of services offered you can imagine.  A large shopping center may include amusement parks and service stations. Because of this, shopping center access control can be very challenging.


Below are security and access control challenges shopping centers and malls experience:


Multiple buildings with multiple tenants. Access for tenants with their own set of employees need proper management.


Tenant turnover.  When a tenant terminates his lease, access to the building space must be completely removed.  Mall management must do this immediately for the security of the property.


Expansion, reduction and relocation of tenants within facilities.  Mall management should provide smooth transition on access control to a new space, and removal of access to the previous occupant of the space where a new tenant will be moving into.


Security for Common Entrances and Spaces. Managing and providing access for shared facilities can be challenging.  If a tenant hires or fires an employee, management should be informed so that they can update access to common entrances and spaces.


Same goes for  cleaning crews and maintenance workers. An efficient access control system will let management easily control access privileges.

The Advantages of An Electronic Access Control System


It is easy to set up. With an electronic access control system, management could easily assign door accesses to tenants. This also helps for smooth transition during expansion or relocation of tenants.


Tenants can be given access to their store doors and storage space, as well as, access for mall personnel. It is flexible.


It is possible to issue a key card, fob or PIN with accesses only for whoever will be using it. It allows mall management to restrict access to mall operating hours or allow for cleaning crews to enter common areas after hours.


Temporary access for contractors to specific areas may be provided within a specified time.


Have on file a full audit trail. Easily generate reports that show who entered where and when.


Types of Electric Access Control System


Access Control Keypad. Pin codes are entered onto a keypad. Unique pin codes for each person makes it possible to trace suspicious behavior in the event a problem or security breach occur.

Access Control Card Reader. Individuals are issued key cards which are used on a card reader to gain entry. Different cards are issued depending on who, where, and how the key card is going to be used. In case of loss, a key card can easily be deactivated, reducing the risk of unauthorized use.


Biometric Access Control. The need for cards with a unique code is eliminated when personal physical characteristics are used as credentials. Because these are unique to each person, it is almost impossible to easily duplicate.


Retina scanners, fingerprint scanners, and hand geometry readers are the most popular biometric scanners used.


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Dick’s Lock and Safe is most recommended and top Placentia business locksmith. Rest assured that you are given with highest quality of service and products only.


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