Prevent Lock Bumping

How To Prevent Lock Bumping: What Is Lock Bumping?

We have eight great pieces of advice for you on how to prevent lock bumping. But what is lock bumping?

Lock bumping, also known as the “999 Method”, is the latest criminal craze to hit the streets and has been identified as a growing threat to residential security. Lock bumping uses a specialized bump key, or 999 key to open doors simply by unlocking them.

What’s more alarming? A lock bumping kit can be easily bought online, and even kids can do it.

It’s estimated that 35% of home invasions show no sign of forced entry because now burglars can enter your home without kicking open the door or breaking glass. The bump key makes entering the home quiet and much quicker.

How Does Lock Bumping Work?

To bump a lock, a special bump key matching the lock type is inserted into the cylinder. The key is then struck using an impact tool, usually a screwdriver or hammer so that the force of the impact separates and aligns the pins with the counter pins inside the cylinder, allowing the key to turn.

It wasn’t until 2002 that lock bumping became a common criminal tool as a means of illegal entry.

How To Prevent Lock Bumping?

The good news is that there are several measures you can take to prevent lock bumping in your home.

Bump-proof your locks

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Many reputable lock manufacturers are now producing bump-proof or bump-resistant locks.

These often come with an Underwriters Laboratories rating and the locks themselves have small, unique markings near the keyhole. These high-risk locks don’t rely on the pin tumbler locking mechanisms and are designed to be nearly impossible for burglars to pick or bump.

If you notice your locks are worn out, replace them immediately. Loose locks make your home more susceptible to break-ins. Go a step further and install locks that are bump-resistant. If you don’t want to install them on your own, call your local locksmith to help you.

Install an anti-lock-bumping device

Anti-lock-bumping devices are designed to prevent the thumb turn part of a deadbolt from turning. If it cannot rotate, the specially-cut key can’t force the deadbolt from retracting back inside the lock. It is inexpensive and is widely available on the market today.

Install a security alarm system

No entry point is 100% secure when it comes to burglary. A security alarm system for your home will not prevent the door locks from being bumped but it will sound the alarm once they step into the home. It can act as the last line of defense, notifying the authorities if your home has been illegally accessed.

There are many alarm systems available in stores or online, so just go with the one that best suits your needs.

A security camera is a must

Since lock bumping does not leave any visible sign of damage, it is hard to prove to insurance companies that a claim is not fraudulent without hiring a professional locksmith.

As an extra security measure, install cameras by your main doors. If you can provide a video of the intruder, you can submit this evidence to your insurance provider to prove that you were broken into by an intruder. 

Guard dog

Criminals don’t like dogs. Having a guard dog or any dog that barks might just prevent a lock-bumping thief from breaking into your home.

A burglar doesn't want to break into a home that has a barking dog, so if they see that there is a dog in the yard or the window or they can hear one barking as they approach the home, they’re less likely to enter your property.

Thieves also don’t want to open the door to find a dog running to attack them. When casing which homes look appealing to break into, most burglars will stay away from the homes that have guard dogs.

Increase visibility around the house

Lock bumping can be done quickly, but burglars are less likely to attempt it if they can be caught in the act by a neighbor or passerby. Criminals look for a brush that covers the home so they can hide behind it while they’re trying to gain access.

Keeping up with yard maintenance helps ensure that thieves have fewer places to hide while they attempt to gain access to a home.

Start a neighborhood watch

It’s a good idea to keep everyone aware and alert about the dangers of someone bumping their locks. Learn together how to keep your homes safe, and initiate a neighborhood watch to make your neighborhood even safer.

Maintain good outside lighting

During the day there’s no need for outside lights, but at night it’s a good deterrent for any burglar wanting to break in. Make sure you have lights that are working and illuminate all entrances to your home.

It’s smart to invest in automatic lighting, so you don’t have to remember to turn them on every night. The more light you have at night surrounding your home, the less likely a thief will find your home an appealing target.

Contact a Locksmith Today!

Lock bumping is a relatively easy and untraceable way thieves can gain access to your home. With the internet full of videos, articles, and instructions on how to bump a lock, homeowners find themselves in even more danger of being a lock-bumping victim.

We hope our eight tips to prevent lock bumping will help keep your home and your family safe. If you are looking to install bump-proof locks or other forms of electronic locking systems, get in touch with Dicks Lock and Safe, a premier mobile locksmith in Orange County.

We will help you secure your locks and practice additional safety measures to stop a burglary before it happens. You’ll rest easier knowing your family is safe.

If you don’t want to invest in a new lock, we can help you install an anti-lock-bumping device to make it harder for thieves to get in.

If you want to know more about our services, call our team today at (484) 324-2986. We’re happy to help or to provide a free estimate!

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