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Easy Home Security Tips

8 Effective and Easy Home Security Tips

Your family’s safety is important, so we’re giving you effective and easy home security tips to help protect your home and your family from intruders and burglars.

When we think of adding security to our home, we often think of elaborate schemes - CCTV, motion activated alarms, and other state of the art systems. However, it’s best to start with the simplest and most basic measures.

turning dead bolt,  easy home security tips, efficient home security, increase home security, how to keep your home safe

Even the habit of keeping your entry doors and windows locked is an effective deterrent for burglars and intruders. Did you know that 30% of home burglaries happen just because someone left an entry door (or window) unlocked?

So what are the effective and easy home security tips that can keep you, your family and your possessions safe? Here are just a few:

Easy Home Security Tip #1 - Change Your Locks or Rekey Your Home

If you have just bought a previously owned home, your first priority when moving in is to change the locks or at least rekey your home.

While you may trust the people you bought the house from, there may be a spare key or two floating around they’re not aware of. There may be someone out there just waiting for the moment to use it to gain entry into your home. It’s better to change the locks just to be sure.

However, changing locks can be expensive, so you could also opt to have your locksmith rekey the locks. What is rekeying? It involves keeping the same locks in your home but the keys are replaced. The locks are taken apart and the key pins or tumblers inside are replaced so they can be opened with the new keys.

Easy Home Security Tip #2 - Prevent Lock Bumping

Lock bumping involves using a specially cut key that is inserted into a lock. This key is then gently “bumped” with a screwdriver or mallet to force the pins inside the lock into alignment. This allows the burglar to turn the key and gain entry into your home.

It’s not a hard technique to perform and anyone can purchase the key online. A quick search on the internet will also show how it can be done quickly and easily.

Your best defense against lock bumping is to replace your locks with higher quality ones, especially if you have grade 3 locks (the lowest grade possible and the least secure) or if your locks are 10 years or older.

However, if your locks are up to standard and you don’t want to replace them, you can install an aftermarket hardware called Flip Guard. This locks your deadbolt in place when there is a lock bumping attempt.

Not even a copy of your key can open the deadbolt from the outside. It can only be secured from inside. This device is effective and can easily be installed by a good locksmith.

Easy Home Security Tip #3 - Secure the Doors

door with many locks,  easy home security tips, efficient home security, increase home security, how to keep your home safe

Thirty four percent of burglars use the front door to gain entry into your home. Since it’s your first line of defense against break-ins, make sure that your exterior doors are secure. Check if the door frames are strong and the hinges protected.  If the door has a mail slot, ensure that it’s not possible to reach through it and unlock the door.

Don’t forget to secure the door frame. Most doors have latches, strike plates and hinges that are secured to the door by ½ inch screws. These are what manufacturers usually provide stock with any door hardware you buy. Because they are too short, they don’t go into the door’s framing enough to be secure.

To reinforce your doors, replace the screws with 3” to 3 ½ “ screws. These will penetrate through the door framing and into the 2x4 behind it, greatly improving your door’s security.

We recommend installing a deadbolt and a half deadbolt for added security. A deadbolt offers good security because it’s not spring activated. It cannot be forced open with a knife blade or a credit card during an entry attempt. It can only be opened through a key or thumb turn.

If you want to level up in security, installing a half deadbolt is an effective way to do it. A half deadbolt has no exterior key. Anyone trying to get in will not know that you have another deadbolt installed.

When there are small children in the home eager to explore the outside, a half deadbolt will prevent them from leaving the house without your knowledge. While it is already difficult for them to disengage this lock, we recommend also installing them out of reach of their little hands.

Easy Home Security Tip #4 - Secure Your Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors are vulnerable and intruders love them. They have very flimsy locks that an intruder can easily pop to gain access to your home. Some people rely on a window bar or dowel in the track to prevent the door from being forced open.

However, when the sliding door is already unlocked at the latch, it is easy to bounce the dowel out of the tracks. A simple screwdriver can also be used to lift the glass doors off their tracks, making entry into your home quite easy.

You can prevent the glass doors from being lifted out using a sliding glass door double bolt lock. This is placed above the existing lock. The main feature of this lock is the bolt that secures the door from both the top and bottom of the lock.

The way the lock is set up prevents the door from being lifted out of its tracks. It is quite strong and can withstand forces of up to 1,000 lbs. You can easily install this on your own, or you can call your locksmith to install it for you.

If you want to go a step farther, you can install a door sensor or a glass break sensor which will alert you of any entry attempt. This should be enough to scare off an intruder.

Easy Home Security Tip #5 - Secure Your Garage Door

half open garage door,  easy home security tips, efficient home security, increase home security, how to keep your home safe

The garage door has lately become a popular entry point for burglars. If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you have plenty of valuable stuff stored in your garage. This reason alone is enough for you to keep your garage door secure.

Even if burglars are unable to enter your home, they may already have hit the jackpot just by gaining entry to your garage. Make it a habit to lock all doors, both interior and exterior, to the garage.

Most garage door openers feature an emergency release cord. It’s used to disengage the garage door opener in the event of a malfunction. When the garage door is closed, this hangs in front of the garage door seal. This makes your garage door vulnerable as it can easily be fished out. The garage door can be easily opened by pulling the release cord.

To enhance your garage door security, we recommend cutting this cord. While it may make it more of a challenge to exit your garage during a power outage, this can quickly be remedied by keeping a hooked wooden dowel in your garage which you can use to activate the emergency release.

Here are some more ways you can easily secure the garage door:

  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener

  • Secure garage doors with extra locks

  • Cover windows to prevent intruders from looking inside

Easy Home Security Tip #6 - Don't Provide Places for Intruders to Hide

Thieves don’t like hitting places where they will be more exposed. It’s important to make it more difficult for them to hide while they try to gain access to your home. Here is what you can do:

✔️ Trim trees or bushes near your windows. They should be trimmed low enough so that they do not block the window.

✔️ Consider installing extra lighting, especially in places that are very dark.

✔️ Motion detection spotlights are ideal to light up entrances. You not only save on energy, you avoid bright lights that are constantly on all the time.

Easy Home Security Tip #7 - Clean Up Things Thieves Can Use to Break In

lawn equipment,  easy home security tips, efficient home security, increase home security, how to keep your home safe

This includes broken tree limbs, your kids toys, or tools they may be able to use to break a window and enter your home. Also make sure that you keep ladders inside to prevent thieves from using them to gain access to a higher window which you may more than likely just keep unlocked.

Easy Home Security Tip #8 - Don’t Let Intruders Know That No One is Home

Your home is most vulnerable when you leave for long periods of time. If you’re going on a vacation, never announce it on social media or through other means. Thieves are always on the lookout for posts like these.

Arrange for a trusted friend or neighbor to stop by everyday to pick up mail, newspapers, even fliers that may be left at your door or porch. Things like these sitting for long at your front door is a big flag for burglars that no one is home.

Have lights set on a timer so they turn on when it gets dark. This can make thieves believe someone is home to turn the lights on. Even when you’re just returning home from work at night, having interior lights on as you come in can make you feel safer.

Want Better Security? Dicks Lock and Safe Can Help

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