Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

Best Place to Hide a Safe

Where is the best place to hide a safe in your home

Choosing the most secure safe that will hide and protect your possessions is as crucial as finding the best place to hide a safe to make it difficult for burglars to find them. Nowadays, thieves are on the rise, they can strike anywhere at any time.

If you are worried about your valuables, you have to outsmart the intruders. Dick’s Lock and Safe, Orange County’s best residential and commercial locksmith, will guide you on the best safe for your needs and how to secure your valuables in plain sight where burglars simply won’t think to look.

Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

In this article, we have listed the best place to hide a safe in your home that will fool even the most diligent thief. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Hide a Safe Inside Air Vents

Air vents are a part of every home. If you want to have a safe place that is out of sight, a fake vent is ideal.

Using a fake air vent safe is great because even an expert thief won't notice, and it's highly unlikely burglars would take the time to pull up all the vents in a home for burglars to check all of them.

You can cut a small section of your wall and then place the safe there and place a fake air vent cover on top. These appear as rear air vents but are storage for valuables instead.

Hide a Safe Under the Floorboards

Did you know that you can put your safe underneath your flooring? This is the most secure solution that exists right now. But depending on your home, and the flooring that is in place, an underfloor safe hidden beneath your feet is a discrete choice.

The first thing is you have to choose an area of your floor, then build a box to house your safe, secure the box to the floor joists with screws, and lastly, attach a slight hole for a handle to the lid and then put it back in the floor opening.

If the safe is particularly heavy, the ground floor provides sufficient support beneath it.

Tuck the safe inside this fresh hiding spot, and once installed, it should be covered with a removable false section of finished material, such as with removable carpet tiles, wooden flooring, a rug, or a piece of furniture. Now, it becomes impossible to be revealed.

Hide a Safe In A Wall

We couldn’t resist adding another excellent technique to hide your safe at the comfort of your home—and that’s by installing it into a wall.

Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

Not only is it great for keeping your documents, papers, cash, or all kinds of valuable pieces of jewelry safe from intruders, but it’s also ideal against fires as well.

Then, you can place several paintings over the area or cover it with either a clock, painting, or bookshelf to conceal the safe.

Aside from the fact that it's completely undetectable by burglars, this would also make for your ease of access.

Hide a Safe In-Wall Outlet Storage

Your wall outlets inside your homes are another smart way to conceal a small safe.

There are numerous wall outlets inside of homes. Do you think a thief will have the time to go around and check numerous wall outlets you have at home when trying to make a quick getaway Obviously, not.

Fake wall outlets are outlets that appear to be the same as regular prong wall outlets, but instead of plugging things into them, you use them for storage for small items. These install seamlessly into the walls of any home.

Hide a Safe In a Concrete Slab

Another option is to set the safe into a concrete slab.

Since cutting concrete is extremely dirty and dusty and requires specialty tools that not all do-it-yourselfers are capable of working with due to the size of the tools, it's best to do the actual formwork for the safe during the initial pouring of the slab.

Hide a Safe In Your Stairs

Another perfect place to hide a safe is within your stairs.

As intruders search for your possessions, they’ll never think to check underfoot!  For this, the stair with the safe shouldn’t be different from the rest.

Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

So, it’s usually best to remove the top part of the stair or tread, put the safe inside, and put the tread back on top. They can be modified quickly to become a safe spot. Of course, you want them to be easily accessible to you at the same time.

But, you can’t do this on your own. You have to call a professional to do this job, as the traces of modifications can be noticeable.

Hide a Safe In a Secret Storage Sofa

One tip when buying a sofa—make sure to buy one that comes with a little storage space on the inside as you can maximize it as a hidden safe.

A thief won’t ever think that there’s a hidden treasure there because sitting furniture isn’t the most common place to keep safe, so you can relax once you place your assets there.

Hide a Safe Behind your Bookshelf

When you don’t need constant access to your safe, keeping your valuables hidden in plain sight like behind your bookshelf might be a great option.

The piece of furniture should be big enough that putting your safe behind it will conceal it from anyone who doesn’t know it’s there.

The idea is for the thief to have a difficult time moving the furniture, making it highly unlikely that they would find the hidden safe. Smart, don’t you think?

Hide a Safe In the Attic

Another incredible place you can hide your safe is in your attic, since this is the hardest part of the house to reach. We’re all aware that this place is mainly used for storage, has a lot of clutter, and requires plenty of digging to uncover anything worth any real value.

Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

This makes it a great place to hide a safe. Why so? Because thieves usually want to spend as little time as possible when stealing.

They have a time limit as soon as they enter your home, and they are always conscious of the time they take and the noise they make. So, hidden safes increase the time it takes a thief to get to our locked up valuables because they have to find it first.

The attic is also harder to escape from. It takes a lot of time to get to it and a lot of time to get away from it.

Hide a Safe In an Extra Fridge

This next best place to hide a safe might seem ridiculous but is effective. If you have access to an old fridge that is no longer in use, it’s a quick and simple way to hide your safe.

Simply cut the back out of the fridge and put the safe inside. Then, place the refrigerator in your garage or basement.

The fridge won’t seem unusual to be there because most people have a second fridge in their garages and basements so thieves won’t think twice to check in there!

Safe Hiding Places to Avoid

After finding the best place to hide a safe in your home, there are some other things you should keep in mind:

  1. The first place intruders check is the master bedroom because this is where people most often keep valuable goods like extra cash and jewelry. A safe in the master bedroom may be noticed right away so it’s not an ideal spot.

  2. Avoid jewelry boxes with a lock. It’s probably not the most secure place for your precious golds and diamonds as this can be easily taken away by thieves. Instead, consider special safes designed specifically for jewelry.

  3. Never hide a safe on your desk drawer, bedside drawer, or underwear drawer because it’s too obvious.

  4. Don’t make electrical items or heated areas, such as a lamp base, toaster oven, or HVAC duct as your hiding place. You could accidentally ignite your valuables and put your entire home at risk for a house fire.

  5. Avoid hiding cheap safes in walls because you will risk a failure or breakdown.  Invest in strong, secure, and fireproof safes that are professionally installed.

  6. Avoid areas that can damage your valuables with water or invasive matter, such as the water tank of a toilet. There are high-quality waterproof containers on the market that will allow you to hide items in water but err on the side of caution.

Documents, jewelry, and electronics that become wet or permeated with chemicals or food matter may be damaged beyond repair in your zeal to outsmart a tenacious burglar.

  1. Avoid hiding your safe in any locked box or locking file cabinet.  A box that has a lock on it will be stolen regardless of what’s inside, and the lock on a file cabinet can be popped out with the right tool and a little effort.

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Hopefully, these ideas helped you realize how worthy it's to invest a little time and thought into considering where to hide a safe in your home and how to do it effectively so you won’t become the next victim of a burglary or another break-in.

But there’s always a chance that you might.

That’s why it's a must to get your home security devices from trusted residential and commercial security specialists with years of industry experience in providing home and business security solutions.

There are many different kinds of safes on the market and depending upon what you are looking to protect, as you choose the right safe for your needs, as well as help you make a good decision on where to install it.

Dick’s Lock and Safe take pride in being the best locksmith in Orange County, with unparalleled experience in providing high-quality security products and services.

Our locksmiths and technicians are properly equipped and state-licensed, bonded, and insured to provide you with the best recommendations when you’re on the lookout for the most secure safes for your needs.

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