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Best Place to Hide a Safe, where to put a home safe, how to hide a safe in plain sight, hidden safe ideas for home, secret hiding places for safe

Choosing the most secure safe that will hide and protect your possessions is as crucial as finding the best place to hide a safe to make it difficult for burglars to find them. Nowadays, thieves are on the rise, they can strike anywhere at any time. 

If you are worried about your valuables, you have to outsmart the intruders. Dick’s Lock and Safe, Orange County’s best residential and commercial locksmith, will guide you on the best safe for your needs and how to secure your valuables in plain sight where burglars simply won’t think to look.

In this article, we have listed the best place to hide a safe in your home that will fool even the most diligent thief. Without further ado, let’s check them out! Read More.

Facts About Home Break-ins, facts about burglars, about burglaries, facts about thieves, information about burglars, what do burglars take, when do burglaries happen, prevent break-ins

You might think a burglar is a sneaky character in a black stocking cap that tiptoes around at night peeking in your windows, but what actually happens during a burglary is different from that old-fashioned image. Consider these facts about home break-ins:

Make sure you're getting the most current facts about home break-ins so you can take essential steps to keep your house and belongings secure.  Read More.

 prevent lock bumping, what is lock bumping, prevent home theft, prevent lock picking, about lock bumping

We have eight great pieces of advice for you on how to prevent lock bumping. But what is lock bumping?


Lock bumping, also known as the “999 Method”, is the latest criminal craze to hit the streets and has been identified as a growing threat to residential security. Lock bumping uses a specialized bump key, or 999 key to open doors simply by unlocking them.

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smartphone access control, mobile access control, smartphone entry systems, mobile access systems

Smartphone access control, or mobile access control, is just another step in the quickly-advancing world of smartphone tech. This new technology allows your smartphone to act as your credentials for entering restricted spaces like an office, garage, or your home. 


With people so reliant on their phones for every little task, they are unlikely to leave it anywhere unlike an access fob or smart card. Read More.

easy home security tips, efficient home security, increase home security, how to keep your home safe

Your family’s safety is important, so we’re giving you effective and easy home security tips to help protect your home and your family from intruders and burglars. 


When we think of adding security to our home, we often think of elaborate schemes - CCTV, motion activated alarms, and other state of the art systems. However, it’s best to start with the simplest and most basic measures.

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 how to secure french doors, french doors security, make french doors safe, french door safety, disadvantages of french doors

When homeowners think of French doors, they first visualize them as a stunning and desirable addition to their homes. But can those beautiful french doors be a security concern as well?


Aside from looking nice and being a beautiful entry to a patio or deck area, they also let in lots of light. 


Unfortunately, intruders find them just as appealing. Why? Because French doors are one of most vulnerable door types to break-ins. Read More.