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Top Locksmith

Top Locksmith

In need of top locksmith services?  We offer high quality products, 100% warranty on products and services, and we are resposive, fair, and affordable.  Further, we never sell you something you do not need.


Dicks’s Lock and Safe is a local top locksmith, providing services to both residential and commercial clients.  Services offered include repar, replacement, and new installation of:


  • locks, doors, window guards,door hardware, patio glass door locks,

  • keyless entry systems

  • re-keying and master key lock systems,

  • panic bars and emergency exit locks

  • aluminum storefront doors,

  • bolt down services,

  • safes and file cabinets,

  • welding,

  • homeowner association pool and clubhouse lock systems

  • marshall eviction lock services, and more.  


Businesses catered to include, but are not limited to:


  • medical centers, medical clinics, medical offices, hospitals,

  • college campuses, schools,

  • shopping malls and retail stores

  • warehouses,

  • office buildings,

  • manufacturing facilities and industrial complexes,

  • self storage facilities,

  • religious facilities including churches, temples, and mosques


Dick’s Lock and Safe has been in the locksmith business since 1964, making us well-known in the community, with a well-established reputation for honesty and trust.  You can count on Dick’s Lock and Safe, serving three generations of clients, and having an expert team of certified and licensed and bonded locksmith technicians who know the best products and services for your needs.   


Always be assured that the prices we quote are always competitive and affordable.  Discounts are extended to military and seniors and we are hapy to provide free estimates an time.

Top Locksmith - Types of Safes

There are different types of safes available to keep your valuables, well, safe.  Safes for your home and safes for your office needs are very different. Further, which safe will work best for you will depend upon the type of content you are putting in your safe.


For your home, there are four different types to choose from, namely, fire safes, burglary safes, gun safes, and jewelry safes.


  • Fire Safe: For important documents like a will, land titles, car titles, etc. go for a simple fire safe.  These are fire resistant, provide very limited fire protection and can protect your valuable papers during a house fire for at least one hour.  These entry level safes are good for those on a tight budget.


A tip is to leave the safe unlocked so that in the event of a burglary, the burglar will see that its contents aren’t of high value and will leave the safe instead of taking the whole safe.


  • Burglary safes: A more secure option next to the fire safe is a burglary safe. These are heavier, and since it is heavier, it is more secure.  This type of safe is usually hidden in some way.


There are three kinds of burglary type home safes, which are: the stand alone safe, wall safe and the floor safe. Most of these safes are fireproof but it is always best to check fire rating before purchasing.


ㅁ For the standalone safe, these are heavy and most of the time made of steel.  There are models which are fireproof and can be installed with a wide selection of lock devices, from key lock, to combination lock, as well as electronic keyless locks.  They can be mounted to the floor or but can also be just free standing.


Because it is heavy, burglars tend to be discouraged from taking it off of the premises.  It can be placed almost anywhere out of sight as long as you have

room to fully open the door.


ㅁ Wall safes are a popular way to keep important documents and other valuables in the home.  People use this type of safe to hide valuables and keep them out of sight. The wall safe is more convenient than the floor safe because it does not require you to stoop to access it.  For added security, it can be concreted into place.


ㅁ Floor safes can be set into a concrete floor.  Which makes it immune to removal. A disadvantage to setting it in the floor is that it can, over time, start to rust because of how it is installed.  You can ask your locksmith what preventative measures can be taken to reduce rust damage.


  • Gun safes: Gun safes come in different sizes, fire resistance, strength of security, and prices.   These are often necessary to keep your weapons away from children. If keeping weapons away from children is you only concern, then you don’t need to worry about fire resistance or using complicated locking devices.  However, if you do have a high-priced collection, then you need to consider protection from both theft and fire.


  • Jewelry safes: Jewelry safes are made of heavy duty steel and built for protecting valuable, priceless jewels as well as other valuables. These are fairly expensive but, if you have fine jewelry, the price is justified.  The interiors of jewelry safes are delicate and beautiful.


Most have beautiful wood and velvet interiors.  If you decide to purchase this type of safe, make sure to install it where it is well hidden yet accessible to you.  Make sure you have enough room to open the door fully.


Many of the home safes may be used for a business, however, there are safes which are specific to the needs of a business, like office safes, drop safes, deposit safes, hotel safes, bank vaults, media safes, etc.  


  • A bank vault:  A bank vault or a strongroom is an important part of the building that it is in. It is an armored room with a heavy, close fitting steel door and a complex locking mechanism.


  • Office safes: Office safes are usually fireproof, with fire ratings much higher than that of a home safe.  Some office safes are drop tested to verify that they will not unlock when dropped. An office safe locking device is usually more secure than a home safe.  Most of these safes can also utilize an electronic lock of some kind.


  • Hotel safes: Hotel safes are inexpensive safes that are found in hotels so that guests can have a secure place to put their valuables during their stay. These are not the most secure, but, it is better than leaving your valuables out in the open.  Some are mounted to the wall with supplied bolts. Some have a lockout feature in case many consecutive incorrect opening attempts have been made. There is a master card or key that the front desk can use to open the safe if the guest forgets the combination.  


  • Media safes: Media safe are top of the line and depending on size and specifications, can be very expensive.  Documents placed inside a media safe, in case of fire, can stand temperatures of up to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit for several hours without being destroyed.


  • Drop safes: Drop safes are used by banks, postal offices, and anywhere that a quick secure deposit needs to be made, without opening the safe door.  These are used to hold the valuables temporarily until the goods can be moved to the main safe or else processed in some way such as through a teller.


Ready tolook at a safe?  Or just in need of locksmith services. Call Dick’s Lock and Safe today for the top locksmith in the area - you won’t be disappointed.


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