Rekeying Versus Replacing Locks

Rekeying Versus Replacing Locks: Which One Should You Choose?

Securing your home is no doubt top of mind for any homeowner, which is why people go to great lengths to find the best home security solutions providing the most protection for their dwelling and their family.


At the frontline of these security tools are home locks that are designed to easily keep your doors locked and secure against unwanted invaders.  But to ultimately secure your home, the question of rekeying versus replacing your home locks is still very much in contention.

Choosing which, between rekeying and replacing your locks, is better for your home depends on a lot of factors. Before you lift a finger, let’s take a look at what each of these home security techniques means.


Rekeying a lock

The process of rekeying a lock entails changing the internal workings of the lock to enable it to function with the use of a different key. Simply put, the lock remains the same but can only be operated using a new key.  


To accomplish this, you will need a professional locksmith to work on rekeying your home lock. The locksmith will have the lock removed from the door and change or rearrange the lock cylinder, as well as the key pins inside this cylinder. 


The new key to be used should match these key pins, making sure that the pin sizes perfectly correspond to the key depths. Professional locksmiths usually use a key decoder to make this process easier, allowing them to determine which key pins to use.   


Pros: Rekeying your home lock offers a more cost-effective way of securing your home. Since only the internal workings of the lock are replaced and not the whole lock itself, you don’t have to pay for a new full set to ensure protection for your home. 


Key pins are relatively cheaper than a new lock, allowing you to secure your home without putting a dent on your wallet. 


Moreover, rekeying a lock is a much quicker and easier process than replacing the lock altogether. When you hire a professional locksmith, it will be a short time before the whole process is done. 


Lastly, turning to rekeying instead of replacing the locks in your home offers an easier solution, especially when you’ve just moved in. With a new set of keys, you don’t have to worry that previous homeowners or anyone with duplicates of the old keys will just barge into your home.       


Cons: When you opt to rekey instead of replace your locks, you are faced with limited options to secure your home. When home protection is at stake, you, as a homeowner, should be presented with a myriad of options to upgrade your home security. This isn’t possible when you choose to rekey your home locks.  


When to rekey your home lock:


Rekeying your home lock is advisable when you are facing the following scenarios:


You essentially want a new key but don’t have any problems with the old lock. This is the option that most homeowners take when they move to a new house to prevent anyone with a key duplicate to have access to their home. 


This is also advisable if you happen to lose your key and worry that someone will use it to enter your home.


You just want one key to access all locks of different doors. It could be troublesome for a homeowner to have different sets of keys for different locks, which is why some opt to rekey the locks with just a single key to access them all.   


Replacing a lock

With lock replacement, the lock needs to be changed or physically removed from the door, which means having a new full lock that can be used with a new key.   


Replacing a lock may involve hiring a professional locksmith to accomplish the task or do it yourself. Whichever way you prefer, what’s certain is that it is much more expensive to replace than rekey a lock, as you will have to purchase a brand-new lock to secure your home.


When deciding between rekeying versus replacing a home lock, refer to the pros and cons of lock replacement to help weigh your options.


Pros: You can customize your home security system when you opt to replace your home locks. You can choose not only the look of your home lock but how it functions as well. It can be designed to work alongside other security systems within your home.


Moreover, replacing home locks allows for security upgrades. You can have the option of improving your home security measures, which isn’t possible when you opt to just rekey your locks. You can even choose to upgrade to smart locks instead of keeping a traditional lock to secure your home.   


Cons: Obviously, the main disadvantage is the cost of replacing a home lock. You will have to take into consideration your budget when looking to strengthen your home security with a new lock. You have to pay even more if you want a smart lock to be used for your door.


In addition, you not only pay for a new lockset but for labor as well. While you will also pay for labor when opting to rekey, at least key pins are much more affordable than a brand-new lockset.


When to replace your home lock:


It is recommended that you replace home lock when: 


  • You want to change a damaged lock after a break-in.

  • You want your lock customized to reflect your design or color preference. 

  • You want to replace an old and rusty lock.

  • You want your home security upgraded to the latest home security system (e.g., electronic locks). 

  • You want to have all your locks to be of the same brand or even the same type of keys, so it would be more convenient for you. 

  • You have newly moved into a home or condo previousl lived in by someone else.


Which one should you go for?

The choice of whether to rekey or replace your lock largely depends on what your current needs demand. It is best to evaluate your current home security system, as well as what your budget dictates, to come up with a sound decision. 


As you deliberate on this decision, you may want to answer a few questions to help the decision process easier for you:


  1. Do you feel satisfied with the security features of your current locks? If not, then you may want to replace them instead of rekeying. If you feel your current locks address your security needs, then you may just want to rekey instead of replacing your locks.

  2. Do you want your home to reflect the latest home security systems? If yes, then going for lock replacement is best to allow you to choose from the plethora of security solutions available today.

  3. Have you lost a copy of your keys? You can either have your locks rekeyed or replace the lock altogether depending on the level of discomfort you feel when thinking that your home security has now been compromised.   

  4. How much does your budget allow? Will it allow you to spend for a new lockset or just for rekeying? If you have a larger budget, opting for lock replacement is an ideal move. If not, rekeying is your best option.


Keep these questions in mind when making your decision and you will most probably have the answer you need. No matter which decision you end up with, what’s important is to ensure top-notch protection for your home, and the best way to do that is to hire a professional locksmith.  


Rekeying Versus Replacing Locks - Call the Professionals

When it comes to home security, you shouldn’t rely on your knowledge alone. A lot could go wrong when you opt to do it yourself rather than hiring a professional locksmith to rekey or replace your home lock. 


Rekeying for example involves using the right set of tools to ensure it is done properly. Professional locksmiths not only have the expertise but the tools needed to execute the job well. 


Replacing a lock, on the other hand, can also be done the proper way with the assistance of a professional locksmith. A specialist in this area can provide recommendations on which security system best fits your home and can also offer access to the latest home security solutions.


If you reside in Orange County, Dick’s Lock and Safe is the perfect place to go for all your lock rekeying or replacing needs. The family-owned company boasts 55 years of unparalleled expertise in providing high-quality and trusted services that both residential and commercial owners can rely on. 


When deciding between rekeying versus replacing a home lock, you can depend on Dick’s Lock and Safe to offer the best advice that perfectly fits your home security needs. On top of that, you will be provided with a state-licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith to work on your lock security requirements.


Remember when home security is at stake, you can have affordable security for your home without compromising quality, as Dick’s Lock and Safe offers services at competitive rates. You can even take advantage of the company’s free estimates to assess your home security.


Whether you want to rekey or replace your home lock, contact Dick’s Lock and Safe to get the job done. Call (714) 528-3984 or visit us at for more information.


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