Preschool and Daycare Security

Preschool and Daycare Security

Parents have several important considerations when choosing a preschool or daycare facility for their child. Among the things they look at are the kind of learning programs they offer, the facilities they have, the staff and how they interact with kids, and of course, the cost.

However, perhaps the largest concern and deal breaker, in most cases, is the level of safety and security that the daycare or preschool offers.  With school shootings and abductions seemingly on the increase, it certainly is a legitimate concern.


Here, we discuss ways how parents and their childcare facility can ensure the safety of  children while at daycare or preschool.


Preschool and Daycare Security - A Checklist

This checklist below can be used by parents, as well as preschools and daycare facilities to assess how effective or vulnerable the security measures are at the facility:


  • Who is given access to the center?

  • How do parents or guardians access the facility?

  • What is the procedure for checking the children in and out of the daycare center?

  • What measures are in place to keep unauthorized people out?

  • Is the main entrance properly secured and locked?

  • Are the other entrances to the facilities locked and secure as well?

  • Are windows secure?

  • Is there an emergency policy and procedure in place?

  • Is there a history of having unauthorized access to the facility?


Ways to Strengthen Preschool and Daycare Security

Controlled Access to the Facility

Controlling who can gain access to the facility is the most basic step in ensuring the safety and security of our children while they are at preschool or daycare.


While it is imperative to be on alert all the time, it is during drop offs and pickups that things can become particularly hectic.  It is also during these times that incidents are likely to happen.


Installing an access control system can help ensure a childcare facility remains secure during this critical time.


Keyless Access.  Installing an electronic access control system that uses pin codes, smart cards or key fobs, or even biometric credentials like fingerprints makes it possible to limit access to the facility to only authorized people.   What are the advantages of installing an access control system?


  • Parents take part in the responsibility for ensuring their children’s safety because they are in control of their credentials


  • It makes it possible to know Who entered, When and Where. This applies to the parents, children, teachers and staff so it can be used as a record of attendance, as well


  • The outside doors of the facility can always be kept locked


Remote Locked Doors.  An alternative to keyless or electronic access system is the use of a locked door security system. This is a fairly simple system where locks that can be remotely unlocked on command are installed on doors.  Parents or guardians, and any person with legitimate business within the school are buzzed in by staff as needed.


The advantage of this system is that it is fairly inexpensive and easy to install. This works best for smaller facilities but may not be feasible for larger child care centers.  Staff need to constantly monitor and verify identity of people who are authorized to come in.



Controlling access to the facility is just one step in keeping children safe at the childcare facility.  Adding surveillance cameras in strategic locations add another layer of security.


Being able to monitor both children and staff during their daily activities help in keeping the facility secure.  Parents can likewise be given access to live feeds so they can check on their children all throughout the day. Where can the monitoring cameras be located?


Outdoors/Perimeter of the Property. Cameras installed around the perimeter of the property allow staff to monitor suspicious people lurking around the area without the need to leave the building.  This is especially helpful when there are outdoor activities planned for the children. In addition, the mere presence of surveillance cameras can serve as deterrent for any criminal activity.


Entryway. Surveillance cameras at the main entrance of the building allow screening of people trying to gain access to the building. This is especially useful if the main entrance doors are remotely locked.  


In addition, an entryway cameras provides a visual record of the comings and goings of people. When needed, records of who dropped off and picked up a child can be pulled up easily.


Indoors within the facility.  While installing cameras inside may be considered excessive by some, this extra measure of security has other benefits. The main benefit, of course, is enhanced safety.  However, having cameras installed where children and staff interact has these added purpose:


  • Allows parents to look in on their kids. If not for live video, parents can be given access to recorded video of how their child is doing during their day at the facility. This provides assurance that their child is given the best care possible while they are at school.


  • Staff accountability.  While we expect staff members to act with the utmost propriety with the children, cameras installed within will make them more self aware of their actions as well as ensure that the protocols for safety are followed.


The visual record from surveillance cameras can provide crucial evidence when incidents occur or when there is accusation of unacceptable behavior directed against a staff member.

Entry and Exit Sensors. Monitored alarms situated at all entry and exit points to the facility add another layer of security.  This not only includes doors but windows, as well.


Sensors trigger off an audible alarm that alert staff members of a door or window being opened.  Whether it’s a too curious child opening a door or window to wander off from the facility or an unauthorized person attempting to get in, staff can immediately know when a potentially dangerous situation is occurring.


When the safety of children is concerned, nothing should be left to chance.  If you are a childcare facility, having these security measures in place assures parents that you are committed to providing the best care for their child.


More importantly, this gives them the assurance that your are serious about their child’s safety while they are at daycare or preschool.


Preschool and Daycare Security - Call Us To Get Started


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