Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key

6 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key

The security of your house key is also the security of your entire home. Even if you secure your home with a security system, it still includes a lock and key in some fashion whether its a keypad and code or an old fashioned key and lock.  Keeping you “key” secure therefore is essential for the system to remain effective. 


Many people do not take this seriously. This is why physical keys remain to be one of the most commonly lost items, making spare keys a necessity for those who don’t want to lock themselves out of their house. 


However, keeping your spare key secured can be difficult.  You’re supposed to leave it somewhere accessible in case you lose your keys. The fact that it would be accessible to you makes it at risk of being accessible to anyone else who can spend enough time searching your porch or observing how you retrieve it.


Knowing the places where people usually keep their spare key is not new to anyone. You can even see it in movies. You know the possible areas to search, and with enough determination, you can find a hidden house key somewhere on or near the porch. 


That would be a good thing for burglars and a big problem for you.

Unsurprisingly, 34% of burglars access a home through the front door: This number is large enough to raise the alarm. Thus, you need to know the places you should never hide your house key:


Under the doormat. The doormat tops the list of places you should never hide your house key. Understandably, the most accessible place for you to place your spare key is under the doormat. You can easily bend, lift the mat, and grab the key. 

However, the same accessibility is granted to anyone who wants to break into your place.  All doors would have mats in front of them, making doormats the most familiar hiding place for house keys. Ironically, there is no way you can secure your keys when you sweep them under the rug. 


Though it is a reality that there are people who want to provide access to their spouse, babysitters, and other family members when no one is around, we can’t ignore the fact that keeping a key under the mat defeats the purpose of locking your house in the first place.


Under or inside a rock. Whether the rock is real or fake, it doesn’t matter. The burglars know that place, too. Don’t bother buying fake rocks that you will try to blend into your front porch. 


Burglars have eyes that can easily determine a fake rock that stands out among the real ones. This doesn’t mean that real rocks are secured. They function the same, thus ineffective in the same way. 


You might be living under a rock yourself if you don’t know how common that place is in keeping house keys. If your porch has plant boxes with rocks, keeping your keys under any rock won’t give you the security that you need. If you intend to place the key under a boulder that you can’t easily move, that could keep your key safe. 


However, your key won’t be accessible, defeating the purpose of having a spare key somewhere near our door.  If you’re thinking of a flowerpot or trash bin instead of a rock, don’t bother.

Inside your wallet. Your wallet seems to be accessible and secured enough to keep your spare key.  However, people lose their wallets as much as they lose their keys. Thus, losing your wallet gives anyone who picks it up your identification through your IDs, your pocket money, your address, and the key  Wow!  What a find!

Top of the door frame. Another one that makes the list of places you should never hide your house key is the top of your doorway. This is quite accessible to homeowners who are quite tall that they can reach their door frame easily.  The doorway is sturdy enough to keep your keys in place, however, it is not secure in any way. 


Any burglar who can take time to observe you while retrieving your key will surely know where to look next time you leave the house. You can’t secretly access the top of your doorway. You will surely need to extend your arms in an unnatural way to reach for it. 


This movement can’t be concealed, as much as you can’t conceal where you leave the keys. 


Inside the mailbox. Your mailbox may not be the first place the burglars will search, but it will be part of their itinerary. This is because the mailbox is the nearest place to keep a house key when you consider the distance between your door and the typical location of mailboxes in a yard. 

However, that is the same convenience you will be providing those who want to break into your home. Thus, the mailbox, though not as common as other places to keep the house key, is still not the best place to secure your key.


Inside fake sprinkler heads. This used to be an effective way of keeping your house key. Burglars don’t usually pay attention to sprinkler heads before, making it a possible way to hide your keys. 


Unfortunately, this technique has been so popular due to its effectiveness that it has become popular with burglars as well. Needless to say, a once effective place to secure your keys is now a place too exposed to the knowledge of everyone that it has become as ineffective as the abovementioned hiding places. 


All these places you should never hide your house key satisfies the need for proximity and accessibility of your spare key anytime that you need one. However, none satisfies the need for security. How is it possible to secure a house key and make it accessible at the same time?

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