Placentia Office Building Locksmith

Placentia Office Building Locksmith

Best Placentia Office Building Locksmith

In northern Orange County, you will find the best Placentia office building locksmith,  

Dick’s Lock and Safe.  Dick’s is well-known in the community as they have been here in the locksmith business since 1964.


Spanning three generations, Dick’s has a team of expert locksmiths and technicians for alll of your commercial locksmith needs.   


With Dick’s only the highest quality products and services are provided every time. The prices quoted are always competitive.  Free estimates are extended and discounts are available for interested military and seniors.


Dicks’s Lock and Safe is the best Placentia office building locksmith, providing services in repair, replacement and installment of keyless systems, access control systems, doors, locks, re-keying and master key lock systems.


We also offer services for panic bars/ emergency exit locks repair and replacement, installation, and repairs and replacements of aluminum storefront doors. This includes bolt down services, safes, file cabinets, welding, homeowner association pool and clubhouse lock systems as well as marshall eviction lock services, etc.


Our clients include:


  • hospitals

  • medical clinics

  • schools

  • retail stores

  • medical centers

  • warehouses

  • medical offices

  • college campuses

  • shopping malls

  • hotels

  • manufacturing facilities

  • office buildings

  • industrial complexes

  • self storage facilities

  • churches

  • mosques

  • temples, etc.


Master Key Systems As One Option

What is a master key system? A master key system is a key plan where selected keys can open a number of predetermined doors. This plan helps maintain control, is convenient, and saves key replacement costs, since there is a lower number of keys distributed.

It provides quick access to all rooms within the premises for the security and management team. It can also save lives in case of emergency.


A master key plan is recommended for all types of buildings, from residential houses and apartments to medium-sized or large organizations with a hundred keys or more. This is important in the following cases:


  • Control of who holds which key to which room

  • To eliminate carrying too many keys

  • In case of emergencies, for a quick, round-the-clock access to all rooms without having to look for the right key

Keys in a Master System


From the least access to most access, below are the different keys in the master key system:

Change Key - A change key is also referred to as a sub-master key. It will open one lock and only locks that are exactly the same. The lock that the change key opens will also open with the use of the master key, and any key above that rank.


Master Key - The master key is the necessary key to change a simple lock into a master keyed lock. This key opens every change key under it.


Grand Master Key – A grand master key is used to access multiple master key systems.  This key will open every master system under it, and the subsequent change keys under those systems.


Great Grand Master Key – The great grand master key will open all the grand master key systems under it, the master key systems under those, and the change keys under those.


To further expound, a master key may open all doors and lock types in the property and is held by an authority in the company.  A Sub-Master A key opens the main entrance and all the locks on the ground floor, and is held by the manager of the company that occupies that floor. The same applies to a Sub-Master B key for the next floor, and so on.


Each employee has one change key that opens the main entrance, their own office door and their filing cabinets. These keys may work with different types of lock, e.g. door locks, cabinet locks, padlocks, etc., as long as the cylinder inside the lock is of the same model.


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