Placentia Commercial Locksmith

Placentia Commercial Locksmith

Dick’s Lock and Safe, an affordable Placentia commercial locksmith, has been servicing residences and businesses since 1964.  We are a family-owned business whose main objective is to provide the most affordable, high quality products and services.

Serving the community for three generations, our years of experience has helped us become experts in our field.  You can be sure that only the best products are recommended.


Placentia is a city located in the northern part of Orange County, California.  It is referred to as “a pleasant place”, for its warmth and strong community spirit.  There are plenty of open space and parks to the generally residential area.

It is five miles away from attractions such as Disneyland Resort and Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The George Key Ranch Historic District, a historic citrus ranch and Victorian ranch house, can also be found here.

Dick’s Lock and Safe, Full-Service Placentia Commercial Locksmith


Dick’s Lock and Safe is a full service business locksmith, offering services such as: door repairs and replacements, steel doors repairs and replacements, door closers repairs and replacements.

Other services include locks repairs and replacements, and panic bars repairs and replacements, key systems installation and repairs, card entry systems installation and repairs.


We also offer keyless electronic systems installation and repairs, master key systems installation and repairs, and electric entry installation and repairs, hardware check compliant, welding services, steel cabinets, and more. Businesses that use our locksmith services, include:


  • Hospitals

  • Medical centers

  • Medical offices

  • Medical clinics

  • College campuses

  • Schools

  • Shopping malls

  • Retail stores

  • Warehouses

  • Hotels

  • Churches

  • Mosques

  • Temples

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Manufacturing complexes

  • and more

The Advantages of Panic Bars and The Different Types


You will find panic bars in most, if not all, buildings’ exit because of its ease of use.  A panic bar or an exit device is a type of door hardware which allows doors to remain locked from the outside.  For people inside the building, it is easy to leave in case of an emergency without having to unlock the door.


The mechanism makes a hands-free exit possible or by simply applying full-body force to it. Having a panic bar has great advantages.  It is highly advantageous due to its security and safety features.


For example, a business owner may choose to restrict entrance to a few selected doors and apply crash bars to those.  With the panic bar device installed, the restricted doors cannot be opened from the outside when locked.


In the case of an emergency in the building, such as a fire, people inside the building can use these doors as emergency exits by pushing onto the panic bar. The term "panic bar" was coined from its application as exit devices that can be opened quickly during emergency.  


In addition, people with limited mobility such as those in wheelchairs and small children can activate them.


A large selection of panic bar exit devices are available to suit every need.  Here are three basic types of panic bars available:


  • Rim style panic. This type of panic bar is mounted horizontally on the inside surface of the door and positioned it the middle area, making it easy to push onto.  


  • Mortise style panic. This type of panic bar has its locking mechanism mounted into a cavity in the door.  


  • Surface/Concealed style panic. This type of panic bar is used when aesthetics is important in a door design.  It is constructed with vertical rods. Concealed exit devices provide additional latching at the tops and/or bottoms of doors.   


Panic bars are also available in different designs.  The common standard most are familiar with is the touch bar design which are often found on utility, service, and emergency exit doors.  Another popular one is a crossbar style. Other styles include lever and plate-type.


Ready to Call the Best Placentia Commercial Locksmith?


Are you ready to upgrade?  Call Dick’s Lock and Safe, affordable Placentia commercial locksmith for a free estimate. Ensure that your building and workers are safe, with or without emergency.


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