Placentia Access Control Systems

Placentia Access Control Systems

Dick’s Lock and Safe offers superior commerial locksmith services, including Placentia access control systems. We are a family-owned business that since 1964 has provided residences and businesses the highest quality locksmith products and services.  We are the local experts in the locksmith field with years of experience under our belt.

We are a full-service residential and commercial locksmith, offering an array of services. Businesses that use our locksmith services, include:

Shopping malls


  • Warehouses

  • Retail stores

  • Hospitals

  • Medical offices

  • Medical centers

  • Medical clinics

  • College campuses

  • Schools

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Manufacturing complexes

  • Churches

  • Mosques

  • Temples

  • Hotels

  • and more​

Warehouse Security


Warehouses that have high value and volume stocks are always at risk of theft. It is important that business owners take comprehensive measures to protect their property and belongings. A CCTV may be a good security measure but it is not enough.

How can you protect your property?


You need to ensure proper measures that will make it difficult for intruders to break-in. In the event that they do, they should not be able to access your inventory.


Whilst CCTV may already be in place to discourage any attempts to break into your property, many businesses still find inventory loss and fall victim to the false sense of security. Owners tend to forget that a CCTV can only protect your property from external break-ins and not from internal theft.


Take action against the possibility of theft by taking into consideration the additional items below:


  • Locking Devices and Key Controls – All windows, doors, gates and fences should be fitted with proper lock devices.  You may choose to go with an access control system which or simple yet effective padlocks which protect against theft and unauthorised entry.

  • Lighting – Lighting all throughout the building is important.  Entrances, exits, storage areas, fence lines, and parking areas should be lit.

  • Car Parks and Access Points – Separate delivery docks from staff and visitor car parks to remove any chance of swiftly removing items undetected. 

  • Limited Access – Limit warehouse access with one primary door for all staff, visitors and guests.

  • Protect Entrance Points – Doors can be easily forced open. Invest in steel security doors which provide high levels of protection with various locking systems, drill and impact proof properties.

  • Secure Delivery Points – Delivery drop off points and windows may be targeted spots for thefts due to the lack of security.  Consider steel security grilles as an additional level of protection for your property.


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Ensure that your warehouse security measures are up to the challenge of protecting your property and its goods.  Do an assessment of your overall security often and continue to improve on the measures in place.

For information concerning what might be best for your business, give Dick’s Lock and Safe a call at 714-528-3984 .


We will plan and strategize that is tailored to the security needs of your system. 


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