Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith Near Me

Ever wonder, “Who is the best locksmith near me?”  Dick’s Lock and Safe offers reliable and foolproof locksmith services.  The family-owned business have been serving the community since 1964.

Serving both residences and businesses, we have been providing the highest quality  products and locksmith services in the area.


Dick’s Lock and Safe are experts in the locksmith field with years of experience, and a desire to help our customers by providing great products and service and affordable prices.


Dick’s Lock and Safe is a full-service residential and commercial locksmith, offering an array of services, including: repair, replacement and installation of keyless entry systems, all types of door locks, master key lock systems, panic bars/ emergency exit locks, aluminum storefront doors, welding and bolt down services, safes, and more.


A variety of businesses rely on our locksmith services, such as:

  • Healthcare (medical clinic, medical centers, hospitals, medical offices)

  • Places of worship (mosques, churches, temples)

  • Retail (shopping malls, warehouses, and retail stores)

  • Education (schools and college campuses)

  • Industrial (manufacturing facilities and complexes)

  • Hotels

  • And more


Locksmith Near Me - All About Filing Cabinets

Dick’s provides all kinds of products.  We are going to focus on fie cabiets in the remainder of this page - but if you are looking for information on keyless entry systems, or door lock types, or other products or services we provide, please look at the website to find what you need.  Or just call us at 714-528-3984 because we are hapy to answer all of your questions.

First let’s look at how filing cabinets are made - Office filing cabinets are made of sheet metal or wood.  The drawers use a drawer slide to open the drawer which includes an outstop to prevent the drawer from being pulled completely out of the cabinet.


Before committing to any home office filing cabinet, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each particular type.


  • Selecting the right material- the most commonly used types of material include metal, wood and wicker, though occasionally you will also find materials like mesh used as well.  Each type has its pros and cons.


Metal is very sturdy and holds up a high degree of abuse but metal file cabinets are heavier than those made from other materials, making home office rearrangements difficult.  Wood and wicker can be more aesthetically pleasing but are more prone to damage, especially fire.


  • Choosing the right size-  The type of documents you will store play a role in the size and type of filing cabinet you need.  A vertical cabinet is highly recommended for standard files and paperwork.


For oversized documents, a lateral filing cabinet will give you the space that you need.  Choosing the number of drawers also depends upon your needs. If you are storing paperwork for a small business, consider a 1- or 2-drawer filing cabinet.


  • Convenient additional features- Rolling wheels on a metal filing cabinet offset one of its biggest cons, the weight.  Wheels enable you to move the cabinet quickly, perfect for those who frequently rearranging their space.  


Metal filing cabinets also come with two additional features that you will not find anywhere else: a locking mechanism and fireproof capabilities.  If security of your documents is a priority, look into a cabinet that includes a lock. A fireproof cabinet is more expensive but ensures the safety of your papers in the event of a fire.

Type of File Cabinets


There are different types of filing cabinets you can choose from, depending on your preference and need.

  • Lateral file cabinets- Lateral file cabinet or horizontal file cabinets, provide a wide enough filing system for both letter and legal size paperwork.  This is a good option if you are looking for a filing system that holds both types of size of papers. Lateral files come in an array of styles and colors and material such as laminate, wood, metal and veneer.


  • Vertical file cabinets- Vertical file cabinets store files without taking up much floor space. These compact file storage come in many styles and materials as well, including wood veneer, laminate, metal and wood.


  • Mobile file cabinets- Mobile file cabinets are under the desk filing cabinets and allow you to easily transport from room to room because of its portable file systems.


  • Flat file storage cabinets- Flat file storage cabinets work well for those who have large documents like blueprints, maps, or artwork that need to be stored.


  • Side tab filing systems- Side tab filing systems work for medical facilities due to their sturdy built and ability to hold a large amount of documents. Side tab files come in a variety of styles and can come with or without a door.


  • Card file storage- Card file storage cabinets work is a good filing solution for libraries and institutions that need to hold index size cards. These cabinets are built specifically for card catalogs.

Things to consider when choosing a filing cabinet


Locking capabilities: Not all filing cabinets lock so always make sure to check to determine whether or not your files need to be locked away.


Counterweights: Counterweights help prevent filing cabinets from tipping which is an important feature if you pack files as full as the filing cabinet can get.


Follower blocks: Follower blocks are metal drawer dividers that were used in filing cabinets before hanging files became commonplace. Some units still use follower blocks so be sure to determine if you want this type of filing technique.


Hanging bars: Hanging bars are what keep your file folders hanging. If you want to file your documents front-to-back in your lateral filing cabinet, be sure to purchase additional handling bars.


Ready to purchase a filing cabinet?  Call Dick’s Lock and Safe today.


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