Locksmith for Building Security

Locksmith for Building Security

Dick’s Lock and Safe, locksmith for building security, has been servicing residences and businesses since 1964.  It is a family-owned business whose main objective is to provide the most affordable, high quality products and services, with 100% guarantee.  

Serving the community for three generations, our years of experience have helped us earn a stellar reputation.   


We are a full service locksmith for building security, with services inclusive of: door repairs and replacements, lock repairs and replacements, master key systems, card entry systems, keyless electronic systems, panic bar repairs and replacements, steel cabinets, safes, welding services, and more.


Businesses that use our locksmith services, include, but are not limited to:


  • College campuses

  • Schools

  • Mosques

  • Churches

  • Temples

  • Hotels

  • Shopping malls

  • Warehouses

  • Retail stores

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Manufacturing complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Medical clinics

  • Medical centers

  • Medical offices

  • and many more

Protecting Your Property With The Right Security

With so many options available in the market, it can get very confusing to pinpoint what kind of security you need for your property.  Before deciding on the level of security you should invest in, you need to determine what your vulnerabilities are.

Security Threats

  • Lack of Perimeter Security – Perimeter security is an important factor that needs to be addressed when you are talking about business security.  The perimeter of your building is the first line of defense. Without a secure perimeter, everything else in your property is at risk.


  • Lack of Equipment Security – It is crucial to make sure that company assets are kept secure when they are stored.  It is best to have a security solution that caters to equipment that cannot be kept inside. Keep in mind that storing equipment in the open makes it vulnerable.  Companies have to to rectify these situations.


  • Lock Vulnerabilities – It is important that you are using the right locks so that your building security is not at risk.  Make sure you take the time to do the adequate research on the different types and brands available. The lock can be a liability if it is installed in the wrong way.  If a door lock is improperly maintained, there is a chance that the lock will be more exposed to damage as time goes by.


  • Lighting – Exterior lighting is important as many burglars operate in the darkness, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. This is because they know that most businesses are closed for the day and that there is no one around.  Lighting is an essential part of effective security.

Locksmith For Bulding security - How To Protect Your Commercial Property

It is good to know the challenges that you might face, but there is no point in doing so if you do not know how to address the security issues you might encounter.  Here are the top ten things to look into in order to protect your property.


1. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is when you make an evaluation of your company so that you can identify its weak points and work to address them.


The threats discussed above are not a form of risk assessment.  The types of risks that companies face vary, so it is important to ensure that you conduct a risk assessment that is specific to your company.  This should focus on the weaknesses that you discover so that you can put measures in place to counter these weaknesses.


2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

All security plans need proper maintenance.  This is where the use of maintenance schedules come in.  These can be used to make sure that no security maintenance goes undone.  


A schedule should be followed which both the owner and employees should be involved in.   It helps protect your property and makes it a much safer and secure working environment for all.


3. Security Audits

When performing a security audit, it is important to pay attention to the way your security reacts with the different potential threats it is meant to guard against.


This is one of the best ways to see if your security is holding up and gives you the opportunity to correct anything that shows weakness.  A company should take the time to perform a thorough security audit.


4. Install Access Control Systems

Access control systems combat both internal office security threats and external building security threats.  It limits the access that people have to certain areas and can help to keep your property more secure.


An access control system also allows you to introduce security hierarchies (similar to master key systems) into your property, and they also help to track people going into certain spaces.


This feature tracks down any wrongdoing that might have happen.  It enhances how a business can restrict and provide access to their property and allows you to handle multiple access points in an efficient way.


5. Security Training

Security training is very important for companies, for owner and the employees.  It is crucial to make sure all your employees known from the heart your security protocols. This will ensure that they are not carrying out any actions that can jeopardize security.


Training should be an part of your company and it should be undertaken by all members.  Proper security training should cover the protocols that must be followed to protect the property.


6. Increase Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is one of the most important aspects of properly protecting your property because your perimeter is your first line of defense.  It is important to take the layout of your building into account so that you can choose a security solution that works the best for you.


Pay attention to the way employees and visitors access your property as well as to the ways a burglar might attempt to access your building.  Fashion your perimeter security in a manner that determines any criminal action without taking away the ease of access that your employees and staff have to the premises.


7. Use Proper Lighting

Proper lighting should be implemented as a part of perimeter security and internal security. Take advantage of motion sensor floodlights and other forms of general lighting.  Motion sensor floodlights should be on when you are designing your perimeter security because they help get rid of some of the blind spots that burglars might take advantage of.


Pair these motion sensor floodlights with general lights to help illuminate parking areas or other open spaces that surround your building.  Motion sensors are triggered by motion, which increases the possibility of catching a burglar off guard.


Lighting should be installed in areas of the property that are not well lit, but receive a good amount of foot traffic such as stairwells and hallways leading to different parts of a building.


8. Install Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras work with lighting and perimeter security. These can be used inside buildings to help increase security.  The presence of security cameras within an office will help discourage theft.


The presence of a surveillance camera makes it much easier to track down the responsible parties if some wrongdoing is committed.  A surveillance camera helps to monitor situations and allows you to gather evidence of any wrongdoings.


9. Security Guards

Security guards help enforce perimeter security.  They keep tabs on the property and ensure that nothing suspicious is going on.  Security guards as the physical embodiment of all physical security measures. They spot things that inanimate security measures will not and can assess situations better than other security measure.


10. Upgrade to Commercial Door Locks

Your door locks are the cornerstone of your office security.  If there were no door locks in place to bar access or grant access, then all security measures will not be important.


Commercial grade door locks are different from residential door locks.  Commercial grade door locks are built to last longer because these come in contact with more people, which means more rotations and cycles by the door lock.


Many commercial door locks have built in mechanisms that make it more difficult for burglars to break into.  Most of these locks are anti-bump, anti-pick and snap proof. Pay attention to the various access points that your building security has. Remember that almost every access point will need a lock including offices, emergency exits and gates.


Don’t forget to take into account the medium that the lock is being used with and the manner in which that particular access point is used. Do not use the wrong lock.  Consider using keyed locks for internally and keypad door locks for outside locks.


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