Keyless Entry Locksmith

Keyless Entry Locksmith

Dick’s Lock and Safe, residential and business locksmith, has been servicing the city with top-notch locksmith solutions since 1964.  A family business whose prices are highly competitive in the market, we provide great discounts extended to senior and military as well as free estimates.  

Dick’s Lock and Safe is the go-to residential and commercial locksmith in the are as wll as an expert as a keyless entry locksmith, with highly trained technicians and service providers.


We are a full service locksmith that provide services in:

  • keyless electronic entry systems,  

  • electric entry installations,

  • electric entry services,

  • card entry systems,

  • door repairs and replacements,

  • door closer repairs,

  • steel door replacements,

  • lock repairs and replacements,

  • master key systems,

  • re-keying key systems,

  • panic bar repairs and replacements,

  • welding services,

  • steel cabinets,

  • hardware checks compliant with ADA laws and regulations,

  • eviction and marshall lockout services,

  • and more.


Businesses that use our locksmith services, include:

  • College campuses

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Mosques

  • Temples

  • Warehouses

  • Shopping malls

  • Retail stores

  • Hotels

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Manufacturing complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Medical clinics

  • Medical centers

  • Medical offices

  • and many more


Residential Keyless Entry For Homes

Want a keyless entry system for your home?   We are the expert, making it easy and secure o have a home keyless entry system.  Call us at 714-528-3984 and let’s chat about your needs and the right options.

Boosting Hotel Security

The goal of every hotel is to provide safe and secure accommodations while also providing top-notch guest experience.  It is very important to have solid security measures in place that keep guests and employees safe.

Security systems today let you control who has access to each area of your property.  Guests can use their room key card to access the guest lift, the gym, the pool, the business center or any area paying guests may use, while also restricting access to people who are not patrons of the hotel.  


This keeps outsiders from wandering in to use the pool or other guest areas.  At the same time, you can restricted back of the house areas such as administrative offices, storage rooms, staff area, etc.  Controlled access systems isn’t new but has become more and more advanced.


Here are some recommendations on how to ensure your hotel security is always up to date.

Maintain Security-Minded Guest Service

Front of the house staff are trained to have a “guest first” guest service model.  While maintaining a friendly, responsive interaction with a guest is crucial, it is also important to always follow all security protocols.  
What happens when a nicely dressed man asks the valet for his car or stored bags?  Does the valet validate the request with identification or room card, or do they take the man for his word that that the expensive luggage and Mercedes Benz are his?  
Does the front desk require identification when providing replacement key cards to those who have lost their cards?
Keep Guests Informed

Maximum benefit comes from your security system by informing your guests about its features.  Don't scare your guests with your safety spiel but simply come up with a short verbiage or explanation that frontliners can easily give to guests when they visit your property.  
Having a standard verbiage ensures that hotel staff relays the same information about the security to each guest when hotel staff hands the key cards to them.


Let’s say you have an intelligent access control system, your guest needs to be informed that their key card provides them entry to the pool, gym and any other areas that are for hotel patrons only.  


Advise hotel guests that they should not hold the door open for a person who's directly behind them as this individual might not be a paid hotel guest.  If all hotel staff knows the verbiage word for word, this procedure becomes an integral part of hotel check-in.


With this, all guests are advised of their part in keeping themselves and their valuables safe.


Move to Mobile Keys
Providing guests with mobile keys now makes sense since most guests carry smart phones with them all the times.  Phones are devices which we definitely take a higher degree of care of versus keys and key cards which one can easily misplaced.  

Mobile keys also take away the risk of someone finding the card holder with the room number of the room it unlocks printed on it.  If your hotel has a mobile app, consider a mobile key that may fit into your current app.


Update locks

Locks that can track who goes in and out of rooms can serve as a deterrent to theft.  Other lock upgrades you might consider are automatic deadbolts, which can better prevent external threats, or systems that eliminate the need for master keys.


Upgrade to Advanced Surveillance Technology

Current technology offers several types of surveillance systems such as face-recognition devices, motion detectors, anti-tampering systems, etc.  Face detection and recognition system can now be connected to search engine applications, enabling the hotel management to monitor and track the people visiting the hotel.
Smart digital technology and intelligent cloud-based systems are offering new ways to improve the level of security in hotels.  Built-in audio and motion detectors, active tampering alarm systems, and remote video solutions help the security team identify intruders and alert the intervention team to take the necessary action. 
The goal is to offer the highest security and protection as you can without being intrusive to guests or making employees' jobs difficult.  When exploring different security providers, let them know your concerns.
As security professionals, we can come up with a system that meets those criteria you’ve expressed.  Perhaps we can custom design a system with hidden security cameras that cover all areas of your property, all the nooks and crannies, the vast parking lot, security packages for surveillance video and recording devices.


Invest in Information Security

Hotels store customer card information in a number of places such as central reservation systems, third-party partners, customer files at the front desk, emails, and card-authorization forms. Electronic key card programmers are also connected to the hotel’s network, making it easy for hackers to access confidential data.


Protect your system and build a robust cybersecurity plan by creating an information security team directly responsible for securing the hotel’s data. A professional for the job will keep you updated on the changes in the cybersecurity domain, enabling you to protect your guests’ information.


Conduct a thorough and periodic risk assessment to understand where data is stored, the hotel staff that has access to it, the credibility of third-party vendors, and the repercussions of the data being compromised.


Tighten Cyber Security

Major hotel chains have been in the news for data breaches that exposed their guests' personal data.  Hotels have unique risks because they hold customer data at several locations, including the front desk, restaurants, billing and facilities like the spa.  
Without proper control, confidential information can be hacked when your guests are using their credit or debit cards to make a payment, causing damage to your reputation and financial losses to your patrons.  
It would be wise to invest in cybersecurity insurance that can help you pay for the customer notifications and credit monitoring.


Ready to upgrade your hotel security?  Call Dick’s Lock and Safe today to get a free estimate on the nest keyless entry system.  714-528-3984

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