Home Security During a Power Outage

Tips For Home Security During A Power Outage

The last thing you want is to lose electricity in your home when you most need it. However, power outages cannot be avoided, and the unfortunate thing about it is that we all rely on electricity for all the activities we do in our everyday life.


We certainly can’t live without electricity, since it powers  many items we use every day. From mobile phones and air conditioners, to laptops and home surveillance cameras, electricity is the glue that holds things together and allows us to live comfortably.


So, when the electricity goes out, you can expect some inconvenience, but the thing we fail to realize is that the loss of electricity offers more than just inconvenience; it can actually put our homes—and our very lives—at risk. 


Just like preparing for major catastrophes like hurricanes or earthquakes, knowing what to do during a sudden loss of power pays off and could help protect your home and family against unexpected events.


Here are a few tips you can keep handy before and during a sudden loss of power in your area.  



1. Check your existing home security system

Conducting a home security audit is crucial to your home safety. Unfortunately, most homeowners forget about performing regular and thorough checks after home security systems have been installed.


It is recommended that you conduct a complete security assessment of your home, not just to prepare for power outages but any other catastrophes as well. This is to prevent any possible security risks, such as a burglary.


A complete security audit is also beneficial to find out if the locks in your home are still in good working condition. It is only through a thorough check will you know if they should be replaced or not.  


When you perform a security audit, make sure to check everything, particularly those fail safe locks that are powered by electricity.  Know if you need to shift to a fail secure lock, which isn’t electricity-dependent, if you happen to live in an area where sudden electricity loss is a common occurrence. 


You should also check all the security systems installed in your home, such as your security alarm system and surveillance cameras, to see if they are still working perfectly or need a replacement.  Finally, make security audits a part of your regular home maintenance to ensure that your home is properly protected. 


2. Consider traditional home security measures

This does not mean that you should disregard all your electricity-powered home security systems. You may, however, want to check out traditional home security solutions that don’t rely on electricity to secure your home.


For instance, you may want to make a habit out of closing and locking your windows every night even if you have a home surveillance camera installed. This way, you know your home is kept safe should electricity-powered home security solutions be indisposed during a power outage.  


The key thing here is to strike a balance between conventional and modern home security solutions. Never rely on a single solution to protect your home. It is always a good idea to have the best of both worlds—the old and the new—to ensure your home is kept safe during power emergencies.


3. Opt for home security solutions that offer backup power 

The best part about living in a technology-driven world is being offered a myriad of advanced solutions that allow people to enhance their home security. These days, you have at your disposal the option to choose home security devices that feature backup power capabilities.


In case of sudden power loss, home security solutions with auxiliary power capabilities are what can help keep your home safe and secure. The catch here, though, is that some of these devices only work for a short period of time.


Nevertheless, home security solutions with backup power can go a long way when short-term power outages occur. Consider having them as part of your home security system.      


4. Have an emergency kit ready

It pays off to be well prepared, which is why you should develop an emergency plan for your family in case of any disaster, including power loss. Have an emergency kit ready, which should include food, water, clothes, bedding, medicines, first-aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and backup power sources.    


You may also want to create a to-do list that all the members of your family should follow during emergency situations.


Having an emergency plan is vital to your family’s comfort and survival should electricity loss goes on for days.     


5. Get a backup power supply

If you can afford it, invest in backup power supplies like generators that can be your home’s temporary source of electricity in case of power loss. 


Make sure that you thoughtfully allocate where power from these sources should be used. For example, you may want to provide more power to your home security system instead of using it to power comfort devices.


This way, you can be sure that your home remains protected as power-dependent home security solutions will continue to work even during a sudden loss of power.     



1. Secure your property

When the power goes out suddenly, make sure not to panic and place home security on top of your priorities. Check your doors and windows if they are locked. Bring outside furniture inside the house to prevent damage, should power loss be caused by a storm.


2. Assess the situation

Once you have secured your home, you may want to know why the power went out. There are a variety of reasons that may cause sudden electricity loss, and it may or may not be confined within your area. 


If you can, check the circuit breakers to see if the loss of power isn’t confined in your home. Be on high alert for any cut wires and call the police immediately, as this is most probably an attempt to burglarize your home.

3. Make sure appliances and other electronics are unplugged

When your power suddenly goes out, it is wise to unplug electricity-powered devices and appliances in your home to avoid damage when a power surge occurs when the electricity comes back on. 


4. Keep your emergency kit within easy reach

Make sure the emergency kit you’ve prepared is placed in a location where anyone can get easy access. Flashlights, for example, should be kept within easy reach, so that when power goes out, you can move around easily.


Food and water supply should also be kept close by, especially during prolonged power loss. This will ensure that everyone in the family has access to sustenance to keep them safe and alive.


5. Activate your backup power

If you own any backup power system like a generator, for example, make sure to turn this on to power your home security system and other important appliances in your home.    


When you have a backup power system, you can be sure that your home security devices, such as your surveillance cameras and smart locks, will continue to function to keep your home safe and secure. This is particularly important when you want to keep your home protected from burglars, who may target your home during a power loss.  


6. Monitor your home security system

It is recommended that you regularly check your home security devices during a power outage to make sure that they are functioning normally to secure your home. This will also give you an idea if all of your security devices are connected to your backup power to ensure continuous operation.


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Take note of these tips to provide your ample protection before and during an electricity loss. It bears repeating that you should give your home security devices proper attention, as they are your first line of defense during any emergency.


That is why it is a must to get your home security devices from trusted residential and commercial security specialists with years of industry experience in providing home and business security solutions. 


Dick’s Lock and Safe takes pride in being the best locksmith in Orange County, with unparalleled experience in providing high-quality security products and services.


You can rely on Dick’s Lock and Safe to give you valuable insights on how you can better protect your home. Our locksmiths and technicians are properly equipped and state-licensed, bonded, and insured to provide you with the best recommendations when you’re on the lookout for top security products to keep your home secure during a power loss or other emergencies.    


For questions regarding home security during a power outage or other concerns you may have, call us at (714) 528-3984.


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