Dog Versus Security System

Which Is Better For Your Home’s Protection?

In the recent age of home security systems, there has been much debate when it comes to the choice between a dog versus a security system for your home. 

The answer is rarely simple.  Home security should be considered on a case-to-case basis, and there are several factors to take into account. 

To help you decide whether a dog or a security system or maybe both, is right for your house and your family, we’ve compiled a list of comparisons to make the choice just a bit easier.

Dog Versus Security System - As An Investment


It’s easy to assume that having a dog will require lower cost, however, investing in a canine as a guard dog can come to be more costly than expected. 

According to a National Pet Owners Survey done by the American Pet Products Association, dog owners pay up to $800 per year to care for their pets. This is on top of the expenses of intensive training to make your dog fit in guarding your home. 

Security System

The price range for a security system is more or less fixed. However, they still differ depending on the features you choose.


The lowest price offered for a security system that provides decent security features falls around $20 for a monthly plan or $240 dollars a year. There are more options that offer lower than this amount but they do lack some of the necessary features of a more efficient security system.

Dog Versus Security System - Insurance Incentives


Dogs aren’t covered by insurance incentives, which means you will be accountable for keeping the dog safe as well as anyone he comes into contact with.  If your dog were to bite someone, it would cost you money in medical expenses, and you may even have to consider the possibility of facing a criminal trial and perhaps jail time.

Security System 

Homeowners insurance offers discounts for installing a burglar alarm system and deadbolts that connect directly to an outside service. 

Reduced costs range anywhere from 15% to 20%. This means saving about $80 to $400 annually. Be aware that false alarms, however, can incur you a penalty on the 3rd offense. This happens during a faulty setup or alarm malfunction. 

Dog Versus Security System - Efficiency Level


Loud barking dogs are effective burglar deterrents, however, this may vary in every situation. Certain police reports have disclosed that, during inmate interviews, about 97% of criminals admitted being scared off by the presence of aggressive dogs. 

This claim on dogs versus the security system falls second only to inmates being scared of the residents being present at home. 

Security System 

Several studies revealed that neighborhoods with a high percentage of homes having alarm systems installed results in a lower occurrence of break-ins. 

This is an effort, however, that cannot be done alone. The community has to participate collectively as a whole to make this home security strategy effective. 

Such systems can also send alerts directly to the authorities to send dispatch police for immediate protection. 

Dog Versus Security System - The Learning Experience


Keeping a dog to guard a home will require intensive training and the proper care needed. Routines have to be set in place and you will need to make sure your dog is always in good health. This includes walking your dog for his needed exercise and to stay physically fit in the absence of a fenced lawn where your dog can freely roam around. 

Your dog will also be “armed” all the time, and there will come times when you need to “disarm” them, such as keeping them calm when they are agitated. 

Dogs have a natural protective instinct which is different from that of humans. The need to control them will then vary depending on their size, breed, and temperament. This means allocating some time to get accustomed to and understand your dog’s behavior.

Security System 

Compared to the dog, learning the ins and outs of a security system will take a short while. After learning the initial workings of the system (as found in the instruction manual), all you need to do is remember to always set it on upon entering and leaving your home. 

Dog Versus Security System - Overall Convenience



It is difficult to leave the home for several days with no one to look after your dog. If you bring him along with you when you take a vacation, this will leave the house unguarded - the very reason why you got a guard dog in the first place. 

You may ask a neighbor or relative to look after them, but only when it’s not inconvenient for them. When your dog is at home though, you can be sure that your house has that added layer of protection it needs. 

Security System 

If the security system is set up correctly, it should work as expected. In cases, however, of being locked out often or frequently calling a locksmith to unlock it, using the security system will pose several problems. 

If you’re prone to forgetting passwords, you may also find yourself in some difficult situations with a security system. When this happens, there’s a high probability of sending a false alarm which has a corresponding fine as mentioned above.

Dog Versus Security System - Reliability



Due to the fact that a dog is a living being, it naturally won’t be present at the house 24/7, statistically dropping its reliability.  Daily walks or short trips are good examples of common situations in which your dog would not be protecting your home. 

The possibility that your dog can be considered as a valuable asset the same as your possessions will also increase the likelihood of it being stolen. 

Security System

When there are power outages, malfunctions in the phone lines, and problems with the Internet, your security system can also be unreliable. Using batteries in these events will only provide support to your security system for a short period of time.

The response time to a reported alarm can be up to 30 to 45 minutes for calls in the cities and about 8 to10 minutes in rural areas. 

For More Information About a Dog Versus Security System, Call Us Today


The decision between a dog versus a security system will vary according to your lifestyle and your capabilities to handle either of them. 

A security system may seem likely to provide solid returns, however, having a cute dog around as a companion and an added layer of security may sound too good to pass up, too. 

If you’re still having a hard time, it’s always possible to choose both!  Nobody ever said it had to be one or the other, did they? 

Should you choose to go for the home security system, our services at Dick’s Lock and Safe can provide you with several options to choose from. As an expert in the industry, we have licensed and insured locksmiths that will guarantee you get the best protection here in Orange County. All of that for a competitive price. 

As for having the dog, unfortunately, we can’t help with that.  But at the very least we can give you some further tips and tricks to optimize your security with the help of your new pet.

To speak to our knowledgeable staff about your home security possibilities, call us today at (714) 528-3984.

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