Cloud Based Access Control Systems

Cloud Based Access Control System: Should You Make the Move?

Access control is the process of managing the entry and access to buildings and locations for individuals who have been authorized to be there.  It can also be used to limit the use of certain restricted areas and facilities within a building.

Many spaces, such as complete office buildings, gyms, and specific floors can benefit from access control; it’s an effective way to enhance and manage security.


In the past companies ran their access control system on a physical computer in their buildings, but cloud systems allow companies now to manage and control their doors through the internet.


No matter what the size of your company, whether you have one office door or multiple entrances, it’s impossible for you to physically manage who is accessing your building and your facilities at all times.  


However, with cloud-based security technology, you have the freedom to manage all your locations on any device from a single account.  What does this mean and how does it impact how things are accomplished?

What Is Cloud-Based Computing?

Cloud computing is defined as the use of a variety of services (e.g., software platforms, server, software, and online storage tools) provided through the internet, which is known as the "cloud." A client can use online software tools or mobile apps on your phone to interact with internet resources.  

There is no longer a need to keep a physical server or local storage source on site because as long as you have access to the internet, and the appropriate password credentials,  the software needed to run a particular program (or the data needed to be retrieved) can be accessed easily.


The user doesn’t have to be present on site to access the needed information because the information can be retrieved from the cloud anywhere the user has internet access.


Cloud Based Access Control Systems  - Features Bring Advantages


Cloud-based access control allows for complete control of your facilities, wherever you are in the world and has a number of features that make its use convenient.  Thanks to technology, the following processes can be managed remotely:


  • New doors, offices, and users can be added to the system at any time for greater convenience.  Authorized users can log into the relevant access control app, web portal, or network to view or manage system activity.  


Aside from providing convenience, this also enables users to receive alerts and take action in the field in the event of an incident or emergency.


  • Access and edit access rights anytime from anywhere with cloud-based access control. That way your office is never at risk of being accessed by retired employees or contractors.  Staff members can also gain access using their phone, eliminating the need for keys and keycards.


Cloud-based access control is ideal for growing businesses with fluctuating workforces (e.g. freelancers, interns, contractors etc.). Centrally managing and monitoring access rights across office locations provides the agility for a growing business and the real advantage over competitors.

  • You can easily update the system with the latest list of people who should have access to the offices and even set expiration dates of keys to be compliant.  With cloud-based access control systems, updates can be pushed out quickly and simultaneously across system devices. This helps increase system efficiency and security while decreasing the risk of human error.


  • For an additional layer of security, video surveillance can be integrated with cloud access control.


  • The ability to perform diagnostics and tech support remotely, which allows support to be performed in a fraction of the time, and it saves a service call.  So this saves you money!


  • Verification of the system operation and data about the traffic entering and exiting the building can be collected in real-time.  With cloud-based access control, you simply log into the web portal and download the relevant data. No more transferring data from on-premise systems.  Reporting is available 24X7.

Cloud Based Access Control Systems: The Benefits Are Huge



What are the benefits of going cloud-based?  Should you make the move? Here are just a few benefit of using a cloud-based access control system:

Cover more ground

The first and most obvious benefit of cloud management is the lack of any geographical limitations.  Access control can be shared between locations, cities, countries or even continents, with each access point being managed directly from the cloud.


Alerts can instantly travel from one part of the world to the other, regardless of language or time zone. Distance simply becomes irrelevant.

Beneficial Reductions (Expenses, Equipment, and Employees)

Whereas traditional access control systems often come with high upfront installation and equipment costs, cloud-based services provide much greater flexibility in pricing.  The need to invest in expensive hardware is eliminated.


Users can opt to lease equipment, avoiding high capital expenditure costs in favor of modest ongoing operational costs.  Cloud computing makes life simpler. What used to take a lot of equipment now relies on very fast internet connections, software, and often a subscription service.


Small businesses can reduce computational overhead because the remote servers do the work of handling complicated processes and complex computations.  A company also saves on internal resources because set up and management of the system is simplified.


Should the user desire, management of the cloud system can be turned over partially or fully to the integrator as well.  The elimination of onsite equipment optimizes cash flow because it eliminates the expense of buying and upgrading local servers.  The need for a special room on site for the server equipment is eliminated.


Ensures Safety and Integrity

Storing all data on site can be quite risky: unless the user has strong safeguards in place, a power surge or network failure can impact system operation or result in the destruction of that data.


To that end, cloud-based access control systems generally utilize centralized data centers that are equipped with robust backup power and storage systems to ensure the safety and integrity of the system and data.


Round-the-clock updates and monitoring

In addition, many cloud-based systems offer 24/7 monitoring services, helping improve response time, provide peace of mind and free up end-user staff to tackle more pressing business challenges.

Increased Flexibility and Ease

A huge benefit of a cloud-based access system is the ability to control it, access it, change permissions, access the audit reports, etc, from anywhere you have internet access.  You can do this from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.


As your business grows, cloud-based access control systems allow a business to specify the level of control they need and easily expand and change as needed to keep up with the business growth.  And this also makes it ideal for a growing business with a fluctuating workforce which may include freelancers, interns, contractors.


Improved Security

The risk from missing or stolen key cards is minimized because you are able to update or delete access rights immediately and they cannot be used to gain unauthorized entry to the building or any sensitive areas within.


Similarly, remote authorization can be used for granting access when authorized persons are locked out of a building outside of normal business hours.  The monitoring center is able to verify an individual’s identity and lock and unlock doors remotely.


Synchronized Database

With a cloud-based system, all access rights are stored centrally.  This gives a business the ability to easily update the system with the list of those who are authorized to have access to offices and distinct building areas, where they can go and when they go.


This eliminates the risk of having access cards still active even while the people holding them are no longer affiliated with the company.  


Software Updates

Servers for cloud-based access control systems are managed by the access system suppliers and they release regular software updates, including security updates and enhancements to the system.


This means, you as a business using the cloud-based system, need not waste time on maintaining systems across different locations and manpower hours can be directed to matters that grow your business instead.  Further, this ensures your system s awas up-o-date with the latest technology.


Ability to Manage Multiple Sites

Because of the capability to manage access control remotely from one platform, it becomes possible to expand to multiple locations, remotely from a mobile phone or tablet no matter where you are located.


All you need to manage the system is a selection of authorized individuals to access the system remotely.  Another convenience comes from no need for special software to access the system across various technological devices.  As long as there’s access to the internet, users can manage the system.


To Summarize Why You Should Move To A Cloud Based Access Control System


Cloud based access control systems offer businesses a lot of capabilities at the lower cost of maintenance, lower costs to make changes and fewer onsite lower service calls.  


Small businesses handle complex computations without having to struggle with generating exorbitant funds for material and human resources.  


Cloud based solutions give end users the ability to operate a system and get upgrades without having to worry about servers, IT connectivity and compatibility. It’s Easy To Use!


Last but not least, IP access control can be seamlessly integrated with BMS, video surveillance and fire alarm.


Perhaps the most exciting benefit of all is that users can find new ways to not only strengthen facility security but also optimize IT and other operations business-wide.  


Ultimately, a cloud based access control system enables your business to increase efficiency and security.


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