Best Riverside County Residential Locksmith

Best Riverside County Residential Locksmith

When it comes to the residents’ choice of home security services, Dick’s Lock and Safe is the best Riverside County residential locksmith.  We’ve been serving the communities of Riverside for over 50 years, and we’ll continue providing top-notch services to the people of this county.


Affordable housing, abundant employment opportunities, nearby beaches, mountains, hiking and bike trails, a wine country, farmlands, and a whole lot more; Riverside County has it all.  No wonder two million people choose to call Riverside County their home.


Whatever locksmith services you need, Dick's Lock and Safe guarantees the best security and safety services for the residents of Riverside County.

Residential Locksmith Services


From traditional lock and key, to advanced automated security systems, Dick’s Lock and Safe offers a full range of high-quality locksmith services at competitive prices that will meet all your residential locksmith needs.  Equipped with experience that spans over three generations, we’ve become the best Riverside County residential locksmith.

Listed below are some Dick’s Lock and Safe residential locksmith services:

  • New lock installation

  • Cabinets locks

  • Lock re-key

  • Patio glass door lock installation and repair

  • Master re-key

  • Garage door locks

  • Gates installation

  • Lock change / install / repair

  • Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry

  • Eviction and marshall lockout service

  • Residential services

  • Window guards

  • High-security locks

  • Intercom systems install/repair

  • Access control systems

  • Vault Openings

  • Hardware sales and service (knobs and more)


Electronic Door Locks


If you fancy an electronic security system, Dick’s Lock and Safe can give you an array of options.  With electronic door locks, you can control who has access to your home, and even assign a temporary passcode for guests.  And you won't even need a physical key to open the door.

These are the main options you can choose from. Let's explore these entry systems and see how they work:


  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): This technology uses an ID badge or a key fob to gain access to a secured space in your home You do not need to remove the key fob from your pocket or purse in order to gain access.

  • Bluetooth-enabled locks and key: Bluetooth-enabled systems use mobile devices to gain access to the door.  Should your smartphone's battery run low on power, these locks have secondary means for you to gain entry.

  • Biometric entry: This technology uses fingerprint identification to open the lock. Aside from your fingerprint, you can also program into the system the fingerprints of other members of your family.  In addition, you can provide temporary access to guests.


Mobile apps can be used as access for electronic locks too, by giving you the option to remotely open doors.  Such apps can be integrated into your home's overall security system, with the option to automate certain tasks at home such as turning off the lights or automatically locking the door.


Smart lock systems or keyless entry systems are highly recommended for communities in Riverside County.  But whatever home security options you may opt for, Dick’s Lock and Safe can cover all of your needs


If you have inquiries or you want to discussl our services, give us a call at 714-528-3984 to talk about what security features best fit your home. Or, visit our Contact Us web page:


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