Best Orange County Building Security

Best Orange County Building Security

Dick’s Lock and Safe, the best Orange County building security, provides foolproof locksmith security services.  Residences and businesses have been provided with top quality products and services since 1964 by the family-owned business.  Dick’s Lock and Safe are experts in the locksmith field, with a solid team of licensed technicians and service providers. Only but the highest quality of security systems are offered with the most competitive rates available.  Discounts for military and seniors are also offered.

Orange County or the “OC” is a county located in California, with a total population of 3.17 million.  The county’s namesake comes from the citrus fruit, the orange, which was the county’s number one selling crop from more than a hundred years back.  The county is also known for popular theme parks such Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort and Knott’s Berry Farm. When in the OC, one must check out the beautiful laidback beaches such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Dick’s Lock and Safe, Full-Service Commercial Locksmith


Dick’s Lock and Safe is a full-service commercial locksmith, offering building locksmith security services, such as: master key lock systems, keyless lock systems, aluminum door repairs and replacements, electronic access controll sytems, keyless entry,  lock repairs and replacements, emergency exit repair and replacement, door closer and steel door replacements and more.

Plenty of offices and businesses rely on our services, such as:

  • Education (college campuses and schools)

  • Industrial (manufacturing complexes and facilities)

  • Healthcare (medical offices, clinics, medical centers, hospitals)

  • Places of worship (churches, temples, mosques)

  • Retail (retail stores, shopping malls and warehouses)

  • Hotels

  • And many more


The Importance of Security Protocols


Security should always be top priority of businesses.  Security protocols aren’t only physical, but also digital.  Physical protocols may include strict compliance of wearing name badges within a building, locking office doors and turning on alarm systems after office hours.  Digital protocols may include changing of passcodes after a set period of time, logging out of computer systems when not in use, locking desktop computer accesses when also not in use or restricting the use of internet for social media sites and other recreational sites.  

Many times, employees ignore these precautions and intruders may take advantage of the lack of care in the security.  It is important to educate employees why these protocols are important to ensure there are no lapses nor loopholes in the security of your organization.  Having a strong security culture is a mindset that is embedded into everyday decision making.


Here are five ways to help explain and emphasize the importance of security to your team members:


  1. Remind them that intruders know that employees have access to confidential data which makes them a target.  When employees follow security protocols to the T, intruders are unable to penetrate an organization.

  2. Point out that accessing websites that are restricted by the company may expose the company’s network to dangerous viruses that could cause serious damage.  One corrupt file can lead to damage to the whole network and can cause breach in security.

  3. Provide examples of security breaches and local crime statistics which could have been prevented if proper protocol had been followed.  Physical violence from intruders can be prevented.

  4. Explain the importance of wearing the proper identification badge and being wary of unauthorized persons without a badge loitering within the premises.  One must be alert at all times when they see unfamiliar people who are in not wearing the proper identification and are in restricted areas.

  5. Educate employees about the role of closed-circuit surveillance cameras.  These cameras are in place to ensure a physical incident is properly recorded and will help in prosecution of intruders.


By following simple protocol, the security and safety of an organization is intact.  As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.


Dick’s Lock and Safe, the Best Orange County building security, provides free estimates for your security requirements. Call 714-528-3984 now.


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