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If you are in need of the best locksmith services, look no further.  Dick’s Lock and Safe will provide the very best locksmith services, at affordable prices, all products and services 100% guaranteed.  We treat our clients like family, and never push unneeded products or services.

Being in the business in this area since 1964, you can count on Dick’s Lock and Safe to have a team of locksmith experts and technicians who can easily recommend the best product for your needs.   


Only the highest quality of products and services is provided each and every time.


Know that the prices are quoted are always reasonable, always competitive and always fair.  Free estimates are provided and attractive discounts are extended to military and seniors.


Dicks’s Lock and Safe is a full-service locksmith, catering to both residential and commercial clients.  Services offered include installment, repair and replacement of doors, locks, keyless systems, security systems, safes,and more.  


Businessed specialized in include but are not limited to: medical offices, medical centers, medical clinics, hospitals, schools, college campuses,  shopping malls, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, manufacturing facilities, self storage facilities, industrial complexes, office buildings, churches, temples, and mosques, and more.

Keyless Entry Systems - Types and How They Work

Ever experience losing a key?  How about clumsily leaving your key inside a locked home?  In some unwanted cases, a key may even be stolen. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get in without the use of a key?  

Keyless entry systems are becoming more and more popular for homes.  These systems were initially developed for cars and businesses, but have now been developed for the use of homes too.


What is the definition of a keyless entry system? A keyless entry system is granting of entry to a locked door without the need of a physical key.


Keyless lock technology is used in remote-operated keyless locks, keypad locks, smartphone activated locks and biometric locks.


Imagine the remotes used for cars and garage doors. Remote-operated keyless locks are similar to these devices.  Using a remote takes away needing to remember the lock combination. This type of lock can also be controlled with the use of a computer.


A combination of push buttons are used to gain entry through keypad locks.  These are battery operated, and require a backup battery, in case of a power failure.


For smartphone activated locks, you only need to sync your smartphone to the lock with Wi-Fi to gain access.  Newly created lock codes can be shared through text messaging and with an expiry date or only limited access.


Lastly, the biometric locks only make use of one’s fingerprint or a handprint to gain access. No more combinations to remember nor an add-on device to gain. A number of different prints can be programmed into the biometric system.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Keyless Entry System


To key or not to key?  We have listed below the advantages and disadvantages of having a keyless entry system for your home or your business to help you decide whether or not it is time to make a change.  

Be sure you understand both the advantages and disadvantages before you make the switch for your home.


Advantages of a keyless entry system


  • It is convenience because there is no need to share a physical key. A keyless system You can update your house code as a precaution whenever you deem necessary.


  • With a keyless entry system, you won’t have to waste time or energy having to dig through your bag for your metal key when your hands are full, or when you’re in a hurry.


  • A keyless entry system can support as many as 100 users, depending on the brand you wish to use, which the best locksmith team will be able to help you decide with.


  • With a traditional entry system using a metal key, not only do you run the risk of losing a key and having it reproduced by outsiders, having a spare key adds even more risk to reproduction.  


  • Since you may enter without a key when you use a keyless system, losing of keys is not a problem.


  • A keyless system is very hard to override and can only be controlled by those who are given specific accesses.


  • Depending on the type of keyless system, you can avail of an entry system that work with your smartphone through an app.


  • You can program your smartphone to receive activity alerts, tamper alerts and forced-entry alerts so you can monitor whenever someone goes in and out of your home remotely.


  • A digital record of all comings and goings available.


  • A keyless system may even have a built-in alarm that can go off during a forced-entry situation.


  • Some systems allow for certain pass codes to work only at particular times of the day for a higher level of security.


Disadvantages of a keyless entry system


  • Because it is digital, an intruder may be able to hack into your system and crack your code.


  • If you have a hard time remembering things, you might forget your passcode to access your entry system and end up being locked out.


  • In case of electrical failure, your electronic entry system may not work properly, either not opening at throughout the power failure or the door not locking properly and being left open.  If you do consider to upgrade, ensure your system has a back-up battery.


  • As a security feature, you have to update your pass code on a regular basis which may be a bit of hassle.


  • Using the same code for a long period of time may leave dark marks on the buttons you choose to use.


  • Because it is recommended to update your pass code regularly, you might end up mixing up which pass code is your most current one, getting you locked out.


  • You need to keep track of the pass codes you give to family, friends and service professionals and you need to deactivate the codes given to people for a temporary reason.


  • There are keyless systems that come with a remote, which you may be prone to losing just as much as with carrying a physical key.


  • Initial installation of a keyless entry system cost a lot and may include monthly fees, charges and expensive replacement of parts.


  • Someone might be looking over your shoulder while you enter your code into the keypad, see the code, memorize it and come back.


At the end of the day, it really depends on what your objectives are when you consider upgrading your system.  Whether it is for your home or your business, do what you feel is the best for your family or your company.


Ready to upgrade?  As the best locksmith, call Dick’s Lock and Safe today to get a free estimate.  Or call if you have question, and for all of your locksmith needs.


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