Best Laguna Beach Residential Locksmith

Best Laguna Beach Residential Locksmith

Home security and peace of mind are within your reach with Dick's Lock and Safe, the best Laguna Beach residential locksmith.  Laguna Beach is a seaside resort city in Orange County, California, and a beautiful place to live and work.

Residential Locksmith Services


With several years of expertise in the business, Dick's Lock and Safe offers a full-range of locksmith services guaranteed to keep your home safe and secure and your vacations much more enjoyable, knowing that your home is secure.  Some of the services we provide include:

New lock installation

Window guards

Patio glass door lock installation and repair

Eviction and marshall lockout service

Lock change / install / repair

Lock re-key

Master re-key

High security locks

Cabinets locks

Gates installation

Intercom systems install / repair

Access control systems

Garage door locks

Lock Installation & Repair

Locks Opened & Changed

Rekey Specialists

Key Duplication & Creation

Home Lockouts

Master Keys

Should You Get A Home Safe?


A safe can be an excellent addition to your home security.  Safes are designed to protect your valuables and documents from both theft and fire.  There are many types of safes offered in the market today, each specifically designed with different characteristics.  


Should you decide to get a safe, ask yourself these questions:


What items will I keep in the safe?

What's the total networth value of the items to be put in the safe?

Do I need to protect my valuables from theft?  Fire?  Both?

What is my budget for getting the best quality safe for my needs?

How much storage space do I need?

Do I need to keep these valuables at home instead of keeping them in a bank safe?

Types of Residential Safes


After considering the questions above, time to choose the safe that best suits your needs. Here are the types of safes that you might consider.


1.  Fire Safes:Fire safes are specifically made to withstand heat of up to 350 degrees and are UL rated.  Fire safes are normally used to store valuable documents such as passports, deeds of sale, birth certificates, and other identity documents.  But there are fire safes that aren't designed to avoid theft.  If you're worried about both, then get a safe that's fire-proof and burglar-proof.

2.  Burglar Safes: Burglar Safes are made with stronger materials compared to fire safes.  But there are also burglar safes designed to withstand fire.  These safes are used to keep all types of valuables: documents, jewelry, rare items, and money.  Usually made of solid steel plating and reinforced in concrete, these safes come in different varieties including wall safes, standalone safes, and floor safes.

3.  Gun Safes: While we have our guns for our own protection and/or sport and hobby use, it's best to really keep guns protected from theft and unauthorized usage.  That is why it is good to have a gun safe. These are designed to not only guard against thieves, but also to guard against your children gaining access.


At Dick's Lock and Safe, we've got all your home safe needs, sales, repairs and services covered.  Call us at Dick's and ask about our products.  We make thing easy and come to you for delivery and installation.   We offer a variety of safes, from home safes, to fire safes, to gun safes, to combination safes, and more.  

Dick's is a full-service residential locksmith offering the best Laguna Beach residential locksmith services, so reach out to us, and let's talk about your home's security needs.

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