Best Foothill Ranch Residential Locksmith

Best Foothill Ranch Residential Locksmith

Home security is very important especially with various changes in our modern lifestyles. If you’re considering ow to improve your family’s safety and security, Dick’s Lock and Safe is the best Foothill Ranch residential locksmith.

Residential Locksmith Services


Dick’s is a family-owned corporation, serving this community for three generations.  Thus, we are the most trusted name when it comes to all residential locksmith services.  Dick’s is a full-service residential locksmith as you can see from our wide range of services which include:


  • Hardware sales and service (knobs and more)

  • New lock installation

  • Window guards

  • Patio glass door lock installation and repair

  • Eviction and marshall lockout service

  • Lock change / install / repair

  • Lock re-key

  • Master re-key

  • High security locks

  • Cabinets locks

  • Gates installation

  • Intercom systems install / repair

  • Access control systems

  • Garage door locks

  • Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry

  • Lockouts

  • Vault Openings

  • Lock Installation & Repair

  • Locks Opened & Changed

  • Rekey Specialists

  • Key Duplication & Creation

  • Home Lockouts


Home Safes and Residential Safes


Having your own safe at home can be a valuable addition to your security needs.  With a home safe, you can protect your documents, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and even money, from theft or untoward incidents like fire and natural disasters.  Should you consider investing in a safe, there are many choices out there to choose from, each having its own advantages depending upon your specific security needs.

Types of Residential Safes


Are you looking for protection against theft or fire or both?  There are three types of residential safes to choose from.


1. Fire safes – as the name suggests, these are safes meant to protect your important documents from fire.  They are UL rated and can resist up to 350-degree fires.  Critical documents such as passports, birth certificates, land titles, and so on are of great importance to your welfare, and fire safes protect them well.  However,  if you’re also looking for protection against theft—since Identity Theft has been quite rampant these days—then you’d also need a safe that’s burglar proof.

2. Burglar safes – since these are made with stronger and heavier materials, they are more secure than fire safes. They are usually made with solid steel plating, concrete, and strong fill materials. These safes have several model variants including:

a.   Wall safes

b.   Floor safes

c.   Standalone safes

3. Gun safes – because we have heard so many stories of unfortunate shooting incidents in schools, consider having a gun safe if you own or collect guns.  More than just protecting these guns from getting stolen, gun safes protect children from getting accidental access to them.

We’ve Got You Covered for Home Safes at Dick’s Lock and Safe


Come to Dick’s and we can discuss all your home safes questions and needs. We offer:


  • Gun safes

  • Burglar safes

  • Fire safes

  • Business data safes

  • Combination changes

  • Electronic combo locks repaired or opened


Call us now for a free estimate and quality customer service.  714-528-3984


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