Best Dana Point Residential Locksmith

Best Dana Point Residential Locksmith

Dick's Lock and Safe is the best Dana Point residential locksmith. With several years of experience, Dick's enjoys serving the community of Dana Point. If you love beaches and surfing, Dana Point is the place to go.


Built in 1960, Dana Point hosts a marina, shops, and restaurants and serves as a point of harbor for the Catalina Express—transport service to and from the city of Avalon on Catalina Island.

What Are Residential Locksmith Services


Dick's offers full residential locksmith services—from traditional lock and key, to home safes, to cabinet locks, to gate locks, to advanced home security systems.  Entrust your home security needs to Dick's.  Here are a few of the services that we will offer:

Lock Installation & Repair

Locks Opened & Changed

Rekey Specialists

Key Duplication & Creation

Home Lockouts

Master Keys

High security locks

Cabinets locks

Gates installation

Intercom systems install / repair

Access control systems

Garage door locks

Installations – Deadbolts, Knob and Lever Sets, Keyless Entry


Vault Openings

New lock installation

Window guards

Patio glass door lock installation and repair

Eviction and marshall lockout service


What is a Home Electronic Door Lock


As the name suggests, home electronic door locks are alternative security measures that you can use to secure your home from unwanted incidents such as theft.  It uses a system where you can enter the home using your own personal passcode, entered on a keypad or a touchscreen pad.  


With such  a device, you can control who has access to your home, and even assign a temporary passcode for guests.  The technology can expand into integrating automation for your home such as controlling the lights, the thermostat, and your home entertainment system.


Aside from keypads, electronic door locks have other alternative entry means such as RFID, biometric, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and smartphone security apps. Let's explore these other alternative entry systems and how they work.


Radio Frequency Identification or RFID uses an ID badge or a key fob to gain access to a secured space in your home. These are easily kept in wallets or purses or they can be easily worn like an ID card.


Bluetooth-enabled locks uses your smartphone's Bluetooth technology to detect your presence and open the door.  Should your smartphone's battery run low on power, these locks have secondary means for you to gain entry.


Biometric (fingerprint) entry systems have become quite popular these days.  Just program your fingerprint into the system and your fingerprint informs the computer that you're safe to enter the home.

Some smartphone apps can also be used to remotely access your home or unlock your door. Normally these apps are used as added safety and are integrated into the home's entire security and automation network.


Smart locks can do so much more. Not only are they keyless entry systems, but they can be accessed and programmed thru a variety of ways such as smartphones, landlines, cellular network, Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth. What's more, they allow you to remotely access your home's security network while away, just in case you go on that much needed vacation.  


For the best Dana Point residential locksmith, call us today and let's talk about your home security needs.


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