Best Anaheim Residential Locksmith

Best Anaheim Residential Locksmith

Founded by 50 German-American families, Anaheim takes it's name from the Santa Ana river and the German word “heim”, meaning “home.” Anaheim has an attractive city life as it hosts famous theme parks, as well as hotels, convention centers, and sports teams, shopping centers, restaurants, arts and culture—making it an ideal place for families and friends.

Dick's Lock and Safe is the best Anaheim residential locksmith. With its years of experience, ensuring the safety and security of your home will always be Dick's Lock And Safe's top priority.  


Dick’s offers a full range of residentials locksmith services: from changing locks to repairing door hardware, to installing keyless entry systems, and more.

Advantages of Keyless Entry For Homes


Do you run into this problem a lot: losing your keys or misplacing them or leaving them at home unintentionally? We have the solution to that! Keyless Entry for homes has gained popularity nowadays as one of the best solutions for securing your home.

Here at Dick's Lock and Safe, we offer competitive rates for high-quality keyless entry for homes. Your home's safety and security is guaranteed as we offer only world-class quality locks and locksmith services to you. Here are some advantages of considering keyless entry for your home.


Increased security:

Keyless entry systems can be integrated into your home's entire security system. This gives you the advantage of monitoring your home remotely and controlling the safety of your home wherever you may be. You can go on a vacation and feel at peace knowing that you can remotely monitor your home from the beach or the park or the hotel where you're staying.


Virtual keys:

Smart systems are used to produce specific codes or passes for specific people to enter your home. You can also issue temporary codes which you can easily revoke after use. The system also helps you monitor who has used these codes and avoid unwanted entries.


And, should you need to have your neighbor check your home for any reason, you can give them temporary access. Then you can erase these codes from the system after your neighbor has used them.


Stronger Door Locks:

Keyless entry systems typically include additional  reinforcing materials such as harder metal, high quality bolts and systems wiring, making your doors tough and resistant to any unwanted entry. Doors are the first line of defense against theft and unwanted people entering the home.


Integration to Other Electronics:

Having a keyless entry security system is a further boon for tech-savvy homeowners who want to integrate additional systems with their home security system; examples might be outdoor lighting and heating and A/C systems.


Having been in business for 3 generations and over 50 years, as the best Anaheim residential locksmith, we have a wide-range of residential locksmith services to suit your needs, from traditional locks to high-tech keyless entry systems. Call us today and find out how we can help you get the best security and safety system that's right for your home.  

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