Affordable Orange County Commercial Locksmith

Affordable Orange County Commercial Locksmith

Orange County has the third largest population in California and the sixth largest population in the United States.  It is home to multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Ingram Micro (information technology products), First American Corporation (financial services), Broadcom (global semiconductor manufacturer), Western Digital (computer data storage solutions) and Pacific Life (life insurance products and services).

Dick’s Lock and Safe, affordable Orange County commercial locksmith, is a family business, that has been servicing the county with quality locksmith solutions since 1964.  Prices offered are always the most competitive in the market, providing free estimates and attractive discounts, which includes discounts extended to senior and military. Dick’s Lock and Safe is the go-to affordable Orange County commercial locksmith expert.

Dick’s Lock and Safe, Full-service Commercial Locksmith


Dick’s Lock and Safe is a full-service commercial locksmith that offers a variety of affordable locksmith services which include keyless electronic entry systems, fixing and changing of emergency exit locks, replacing automatic door closing devices and steel doors, fixing and changing of commercial aluminum doors, community pool and clubhouse lock systems and marshall eviction lock services.  We also offer high security lock brands like Medeco and Schlage Primus.

Businesses that utilize our locksmith services, include:

  • Places of worship- mosques, churches and temples

  • Retail- retail stores, shopping malls and warehouses

  • Industrial and manufacturing complexes and facilities

  • Education- college campuses and schools

  • Healthcare- medical offices, medical centers, medical clinics and hospitals

  • Hotels

  • And plenty more


Benefits of a Panic Bar


A panic bar or a crash bar is a big advantage in emergency situations.  When the bar is pressed or pushed into, its mechanism must activate and unlatch the emergency door, allowing occupants to quickly vacate a building.  The wrong type of doors in a building can be harmful in an emergency situation especially during an emergency and people panic and run for exits.

Panic bars came about due to several tragedies in the past.  One of the most known incidents was from 1883 at Victoria Hall in England, where 180 children died because they could not exit a facility.  Another incident was from 1903 fire at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, killing more than 600 people because they could not vacate immediately.


Panic bars ensure safety, not just in an emergency situation but also serves as a security from access into unauthorized access since the bar is installed inside.


Others benefits are its affordability and variety.  There are different types a business can choose from, depending on the requirements and its price range.  One may choose to avail of a panic bar with an alarm system that triggers when the door is opened, or a vertical bar instead of a cross bar.


One is always looking for ways to improve on safety, but making sure to stay within budget.  Having a panic bar lowers a building’s insurance rate when a proper installation is facilitated by a reputable locksmith.


As a responsible building owner, it is top priority to ensure an emergency exit panic bar is always in perfect working order.  Check if any of your building’s doors are unequipped with a panic bar and weigh in the benefit of having these installed.  Being prepared for emergencies is better than no preparation.


Whether looking fr a panic bar installation or replacement, door hrdwre, or n access contol system, call Dick’s Lock and Safe, the most affordable Orange County Locksmith, for any of your commercial locksmith needs, and don’t foret to take advantage of the senior or military discounts.


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