Affordable Locksmith

Affordable Locksmith

Dick’s Lock and Safe is the best affordable locksmith in the area.   When you call a locksmith, you are hoping for fast, good quality service from a company you can trust to do the right thing.   We provide trusted quality and fast locksmith and security services, at the best price, for homes and businesses alike.

As a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, we have been providing residences and businesses with top quality affordable products and services since 1964.  We treat our customers like we want to be treated, honestly and fairly, never trying to sell you hardware or services you do not need.


Dick’s Lock and Safe has a solid team of licensed technicians and service providers, all certified experts in the locksmith field.   We are state licensed, bonded, and insured.  Only the highest quality hardware and security systems are offered with the most affordable rates available.  Military and senior discounts are also offered. We are a locksmith you can definitely depend upon for all your locksmith requirements and needs.

Affordable Locksmith - The Services We Offer

Dick’s Lock and Safe is an affordable locksmith, offering a array of services, including installation an repair of:  


  • steel doors and locks,

  • door hardware,

  • window guards,

  • patio glass door locks,

  • keyless lock systems,

  • panic bars/ emergency exit locks.

  • aluminum storefront doors,

  • re-keying and master key lock systems,

  • file cabinet locks,

  • Burglar, fire, home, and office safes,

  • lock down services,

  • welding,

  • marshall eviction lock services, and

  • homeowner association pool and clubhouse lock systems.  


We offer a variety of hardware and products including those from Kwikset, Baldwin, Weslock, Medeco and Schlage Primus, AMSEC, Horizon, Eclipse, Gardall and Burg Watcher;  all top rated, high quality major brands.  


Aside from residences, there are various businesses that rely on our affordable locksmith services, such as:


  • Places of worship (churches, temples, mosques)

  • Education (schools and college campuses)

  • Hotels

  • Healthcare (hospitals, medical clinic, medical centers, medical offices)

  • Retail (shopping malls, retail stores and warehouses)

  • Industrial (manufacturing facilities and complexes)

  • And many more


Locks 101:  Different Types and Advantages and Disadvantages


All of us want to make sure that our home or office is always at its safest possible.  Having a high level of security makes sure everything remains safe and sound. Installing high security locks can help make you and your family feel secure at all times.

Confused about what lock is best for you?  The number of available locks is overwhelming because of the many pros and cons of each.  When you are looking at purchasing a lock for your home or business, you need to buy locks that are strong, reliable and suitable.  Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of available locks, with advantages and disadvantages.


1. Mortise lock- a mortise lock is a lock that needs a pocket (the mortise) to be cut into the door which the lock will be fitted into.  Since mortise locks are fitted inside the door itself, intruders will have a very difficult time to force them open.  A disadvantage is that since it requires a pocket on the door, installation is a bit more expensive. This type of lock also requires a certain thickness of a door.


2. Deadbolt lock- a deadbolt lock is a lock that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring.  Deabolt locks come in single or double cylinder patterns.  Since it is not spring activated, the door cannot be jimmied open with a knife or any other object.  The disadvantage of this lock is that if the key is misplaced or lost, there is no way to cut through the mechanism, the door has to be knocked down and the entire locking system has to be replaced.


3. Euro cylinder lock- a euro cylinder lock is a popular lock where you drive a key into the lockset.  The euro cylinder is located through the lock case and secured by a fixing screw through the face of the lock case.  The key rotates a cam which in turn drives the deadbolt in the lock case into a prepared keep in the frame of the door thus securing the door in place.  You can use one key as a master key for different cylinder locks. This type of lock, however, is prone to lock picking, key bumping, attack by drilling and pulling.


4. Combination lock- a combination lock is a lock that uses a sequence of symbols, usually numbers, to open the lock.  With over 10,000 combinations, an intruder will have difficulty in cracking the code. On the other hand, because there are thousands of combinations, it can be hard to keep track of more than a few.


5. Multipoint lock- a multipoint lock is a lock that bolts the door into the frame and locks at multiple points at the turn of a key, giving a high level of security.  If you go out and forget to engage the multipoint locks, the door latch will still hold the door and intruders cannot just walk in. A disadvantage though is that if you forget to activate the multipoint lock at night, an intruder can force his way in by levering the door close to the latch or by putting a stick through the letter plate to knock down the handle.


6. Night latch- a night latch is a lock which is mounted onto the surface of the door instead of being morticed into the edge of the door.  A night latch holds the door shut on a latch which can often be deadlocked into position. The standard key profile of a night latch, however, means that the keys can be duplicated at any shop.


7. Lever handle locks- Lever handles function the same way as other door handles do but provide an easy and elegant way to open a door.  Because of the protruding lever, it may be prone to snagging your bag strap, belt loop, jacket, etc.


8. Rim door lock- A rim door lock has a surface mounted box which contains a latch and a lock within the one box casing. These locks may have a keyhole and key, others models have a push across snib type lock.  It has a spring mechanism that allows it to lock up automatically. While a rim door lock is very elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it can be easily removed by an intruder.


It is important to know which door locks to buy for your own peace of mind whenever you are out of the house or inside.  You need the best door locks that do not break easily and will protect you, your family, your employees, your belongings and your assets.  


Still not quite sure what high security lock might be right for your home or business?  Don't hesitate to give Dick’s Lock and Safe a call to get a free estimate of the variety of locks available, and our suggestion on what will work the best for you.  Let us help you feel safer and more secure any time of the day and night.


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