Access Control Systems Upgrade

Access Control System Upgrade - Is it Necessary?

In this day of increasingly complex security threats, it is important to have a comprehensive access control solution that safeguards your business against unauthorized persons.  If you have an access control system already in place, is an upgrade necessary?

If it is working, why fix it, you ask.


These are the main reasons why organizations are reluctant to implement an upgrade:

  • Budgetary constraints

  • Fear of disruption to operations due to new system installation

  • The present system is adequate for the organization’s present needs.


However, in a matter as crucial as your business security, you must think beyond the present needs.  It is important to be proactive so that your access control system can evolve to keep up with the times and protect your company from potential threats, threats maybe not even on the radar and apparent when you first installed your system.   


As the bad guys invent new ways to cause havoc, technology evolves as well.


In the past few years, technological advances have contributed to the growth of access control systems. The good news is that innovations have also made it easier to transition from older, legacy technology to new systems with enhanced functionality offering better security.


There is no need for long and complicated installation.  In fact, some systems can be updated overnight with a simple swapping of servers and replacement of controllers with cloud based solutions that are capable of communicating with existing readers, credentials and whatever infrastructure setup your company may have.


And if budget is a concern, upgrading your access control system need not be a drain on your business coffers.  Many new systems are in fact simple to install and easily scalable while still being highly affordable.


So, going back to the question - is an access control system upgrade necessary?  Perhaps the answer to this is this - For something as important as your business security, can you afford not to upgrade?


Benefits of Upgrading Your Access Control System


These days when streamlining and multi tasking is key to business success, you need an access control system that does more than manage physical access to enter buildings or premises.


It must also be able to help manage logical access such as time and attendance, computer/software login, etc.


Upgrading your access control system offers flexibility to do all these things while also making it possible to add on new applications such as secure print management, cashless vending, biometrics and more.


Enhanced Security and User Convenience

Benefitting from better technology, newer access control systems offer better security while being easier to use.


While older systems use smart cards or PIN’s as access credentials, newer systems make it possible to use mobile devices to gain access into buildings or premises.


Use of mobile phones and other smart devices offers convenience for the end user. Instead of worrying about carrying multiple key fobs or smart cards or memorizing PIN’s, users can use their mobile devices to open doors and gates.


And because people are less likely to leave their mobile devices just anywhere, they offer more security as an access credential.  


Newer access control systems are now cloud-based offering even more convenience and ease of use. Such systems affords management the ability to access the system from anywhere - so long as there is internet connection.


This makes it possible to monitor your facility or premises remotely, and even provide, change or revoke credentials in real time.


Data Privacy

The security of your company’s physical assets and the safety of the people within your premises are just some of the reasons why you should upgrade your access control system. Just as important a reason is the need for enhanced data privacy.


Loss of important corporate data can lead to financial losses which come in form of either lawsuits, fines or lost sales. Stolen or altered data can affect the company financially long after an incident has occured.


A company perceived to have poor data privacy protocols can scare away investors and may drive customers to seek competitors with better protection.


Loss of important data likewise affects employee productivity. Data loss make it difficult for employees to do their job efficiently. And when there are incidents of data privacy breach, there is considerable employee downtime as they wait for systems to reset and become operational after the incident.


Finally, the most important benefit of upgrading your access control system to protect data privacy is compliance to regulations.


Governments throughout the world have been implementing strict regulations on electronic information security. Organizations face heavy sanctions for non-compliance.


Access Control System Upgrade - Don’t Wait - Be Proactive

While company managers may present legitimate reasons for postponing upgrading their access control systems, it is better to be proactive. Why wait for a serious security breach to occur when you can take important steps to make your business more secure before it happens?

With a variety of options available in the market, it is possible to find an affordable solution that will address your present and future security needs.

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We have the right access control system for your business that will monitor and protect you from security threats including break-ins, theft, employee theft, false liability claims and shoplifting.  More importantly, the right access control system will help you keep private information secure.


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